I'm a plus size divorced woman and have tried all the dating sites, but just get trolls to respond. People tell me that I'm beautiful but the rejection and insults from the dating sites was too much to take. I've closed them all now and am wondering aren't there any good men out there that are normal and want a good woman who just happens to be plus size? I'm seriously beginning to doubt it and considering devoting the rest of my life to rescuing cats. If there are men out that that like plus size women, how on earth do you find them?
Phoenixsa71 Phoenixsa71
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Honey have you tried the plus size sites? There are dating sites for everything these days. I am sorry you have had such a disappointing time.

I've only tried one, and all it was were men thinking that plus size meant desperate. The number of guys just wanting a hookup or to talk dirty or want naked pictures was a joke. Don't they have **** sites they can go to and get that instead of messing with normal people?

Well I admit there are a gaggle of those twerps. However, I have met some very nice gentlemen dear. I posted the picture of me before I lost the weight. Because until a few weeks ago I did not have a picture of me the "new" me.
I got a lot of very sincere messages from men. I just was not satisfied with any of them... lol yeah I have gotten picky. Hey just because we are over 40 and weigh more than 100 lbs doesn't make us desperate or losers or any other crap.
We are beautiful, intelligent people who deserve someone who meets Our standards and requirements. Oh and the ones I have gone out with. I totally did not put out. They can wait for sex till I am good and ready.