Being Plus Size

i am a plus size woman,ive had four kids. I've struggled to lose weight from being pregnant all those times, especially my last two pregnancies which i had two boys. The weight has piled on especially on my stomach.  I have tried so many diets and failed so many times, i just want to feel that i am beautiful.But because of this i dont. I have lost my self esteem and my confidence. But I have done a confidence course now and am starting to build myself bk up. And am learning to love and accept me for me. Despite what people say we should fight bk and let all those who name call us know WE ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO! iM sick of nasty people who open their mouths and hurt others in this situation. Because that hurt stays with u and knocks ur self esteem even further down until theres not much left. Lets fight back and stand together as one!!!!

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4 Responses Jul 17, 2010

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I'm new to being plus sized. I packed on 40 pounds of fat to grow bigger breasts and as a result, I became overweight and began having to wear plus sizes. I was always slim and slender but hated having small breasts so I figured the fastest way to get what I wanted to was to eat a high fat diet, become sedentary and gain a lot of weight and it would happen, and it did. I got my long desired big breasts but at a high cost to my self esteem. Now I am overweight and plus sized and feeling unhappy about being so. i want to lose the 40 pounds I gained but keep the breasts so I know how you feel. Until I lose the weight, I'm trying to learn to be happy with being plus sized but I am having a hard time learning to live in an overweight body. I want my lean, thin figure again. But if it never happens and I remain overweight for the rest of my life, I have got to find some way to be happy about that. I just don't know how to do that just yet.

A woman's belly is a beacon of sensuality for me...the bigger and rounder, the better, pregnant or not.

I can relate to u! I'm currently prego with my fourth child and I am twice the size I was b4 i had kids and it plays with ur self-esteem and confidence.