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I have always been plus sized, I come from a family that has struggled with weight control for generations but I remember seeing my mom get ready for a night out on the town. She would wear these beautifully embellished cocktail dresses she would sometimes tailor herself because she is handy like that. (I can't sew a button) I remember her looking like a movie star, hair teased, red va va voom lipstick on and she was ready for the Boom Boom room!

I saw her transform from a receptionist with 2 kids into this glamorous amazon of a woman. She looked like she could conquer the world in her heels. It took me many years of "tomboy"
behavior to come to terms with my own femininity, it's always seemed like something "other" people did when it came to makeup and fashion. I thought since I was so much larger than the "average" woman it wouldn't matter what I wore or how I looked that people and especially men just couldn't possibly be interested in me. It wasn't until a very painful time in my life when I realized how powerful something as simple as a costume change or a swipe of make up was. Sometimes having the ability to dress or look brave provides us enough extra courage to stand a little straighter, speak a little louder and be the person we were meant to be.
-Stefanie Gomez
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You can find some really cute plus size clothing items for really good prices at

Awesome blog!

Where do you shop for clothing? I have searched and searched for clothing for my plus size frame and all I find is clothing that should come with a "wide load" sign on the tag. All the clothing places I have checked out online and elsewhere only seem to make clothes that emphasize how large I am, make me look lazy/dumpy, or like a painted up billboard. It is very depressing to look for "dress" clothes. I generally end up in second hand shops buying out-dated dresses and shirts to appear halfway decent. I, too, was raised a tomboy - not really a girly-girl, but I do want to embrace my feminine side especially since I am getting older. Please direct me to stores where I can buy decent clothing that don't scream " I am fat!" Thank you!

I love your attitude, I'm the Director of The Florida Miss Plus America Pageant and coach the ladies every day on be proud of what you got. I would love to be on your blog.