Do I Even Fit In?

I'm glad attitudes about bigger women have been more positive lately because like a good deal of women here I've been struggling to accept myself. I'm slowly getting there but sometimes I've been bodyshamed and this has come from people in the bbw/plus sized community itself because for some reason, a plus sized woman is supposed to have a certain "look" and I dont "look like a bbw". I just don't gain weight in my face; from the shoulders up, you'd think I was a normal sized woman, its just that all my fat settles on my tummy and breasts and I guess when some folks think plus-sized they think "pear" or "hourglass". So because of that, I try to scramble for a way to fit in which almost feels counterproductive to accepting myself and my body instead of not caring what others think. I just need someone to hammer into my head that my body type is just as acceptable and beautiful as all the others, instead of making me feel bad because I'm not chubby and soft-looking with childbearing hips and a big ol couch butt.
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Just wondering, if thats the case then how come there's so much hate towards thin women. Not saying what you say isnt true but if size isnt important and personality is why not think normal sized women are nice?

Size is unimportant. It is the person inside.

plus size comes in all shapes and sizes