I Know What Group This Is, But..

Sometimes admiration and acceptance gets a bit creepy around here. It always seems like I cant be honest and open with my body without attracting men with feeder and fat fetishes. To each his/her own but something about that type of alternative lifestyle just puts me off. I know some see it as positive but when it becomes sexualised and you're objectified based on your weight and increasing your weight by unhealthy means, it becomes something that scares me off and makes me less proud and open about who I am. When I got here, I held off from joining any plus size or bbw groups because I know I'm going to run into some creepy "chasers". Some women get off on that, but I just wanted to be amongst positive, intelligent people who are okay with their size no matter if they're thick or chubby, curvy, apples or pears. Not an object subjected to an unhealthy lifestyle just for someone else's sexual gratification; I know everyone wants to be loved and accepted but its just not my way to go, sorry fetishists.
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Your so right. People are just people no matter what size or shape they are male or female. It realy is what's inside that counts. I truely believe that. All the best to you. X

ah totally understand what you mean. Just state that you're not into feeder lifestyle. one thing I hate, not exactly your complaint, is how when a man is with a plus woman he MUST have a fetish because she's not skinny and thats not normal.

I hate that.

Well those types of men havent approached me on here yet, but I'll make sure to state what I'm about if they do. As for me, if a guy if with a bigger woman maybe its her personality.

yes I know what you mean. still annoying