Yes, It Is True

I am tall and a size 26. I am a bigger woman but I believe I carry it well and I have beautiful face. There I said it! Most importantly I am a good, caring loving woman with more to offer than her lbs. Plus size, big, fat you name it but I am sick of this BBW Fetish stuff.
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2013

My wife is also a plus size gal.It's true,what you said about carrying it well."Fat" is an attitude,and it can make an otherwise beautiful person,less attractive to others.However,a plus size person,man or woman,who carries themselves well,dresses for success and not for the soul purpose of covering up excess (not necessarily wearing clothes that are inapropriately sized mind you,but not being shy about revealing a little skin here and there ),and who generally exudes a level of confidence,will be just as attractive,and in some cases more so,than the body types that social media tries to promote by means of driving it down our gullet,until we're all stuffed with selfloathing ,body complexes and eating disorders.

Nothing wrong with being a full figured woman. there's more to respect and love and its better than being a bean pole and skinny as a rail. Full figured women.. hell yea!

I can usually find beauty in most women, regardless of size, race etc.
sexy is sexy, it's as simple as that....

No, I don't have a fetish. Rather, enjoy confident women