I've been a plushie for basically my entire life, but I've only been sexually attracted to them for a few months. My love for them has slowly been increasing for them until now, I can barley stand to go anywhere without either of my two favorite stuffed animals. My only hope is that no one in my family or even in my town find out my love of stuffed animals. They might not take it to well.
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Well I sure wouldn't mind it

that's why I love living alone I can get on my plushy strap him on and ride for weeks if I want to which I have done before and loved every minute of it

It's so hard to leave them at home! It's really not fair.

:D<br />
All you would have to do,, is ask many people who know me. This includes even my father.<br />
Has (Blank) ever had sex with one of his three Fievels? And the answer would be, "I'm pretty sure he probably has." Or something along that line.<br />
It's no secrete anymore, people know I'm a (Plushophile.) Someone had picked up this large bear not long ago,, and wondered if I wanted it. (Oops.) She didn't actually know that,, till I said I didn't like it's stuffing for a certain thing. I didn't say what directly. She just said something along the line of,.. For what!?!?? And I just sorta winked.. She got it,, I believe.. <br />
<br />
At 40,, it's time to not hide things anymore. 20 Years till 60,, it's time to always be honest.<br />
Some day,, you should too.. Probably before you get to my age.<br />
Be careful though,, my lover gets jealous of Fievel.<br />
At least Fievel isn't running around,, getting diseases for me to spread over to him too.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Fieve.. ;-) :-)

I actually found a small fox plushie that easily fits into my pocket, so I'm happy now

thanks, I'll look into that.