Making Love With Fievel, When Lover Is Out

Here's my story.
My roommate went out, as I was home. He went out for groceries, as I was home. I hadda go to the bathroom, which I did go and then sit.
I sat on the floor, only for a moment or so, before I went up, onto the couch, with my Fievel Mousekewitz plushie.
At first, I just rubbed noses, as I often do... but then I found myself kissing him, and then also placing my tongue on him.
A flush of warmth went over me, I can't hardly explain it. People whom ever really been in love, only really knows how it feels... many can't explain it. I brought him into the bedroom. I have a denim skirt on him, I pulled that off fast. I then pulled his arms out of his shirt. The time to take his shirt off completely just disappeared. I then made out with his entire plushie body, wanting to feel the Peak of ******.
************ with one hand, right? moving faster and faster, as I imagined him having a penis, licking it as I went.
My body got it's tingles, as excitement rose faster then I usually could imagine. Flipping him, and being sure I was over his back, time didn't exist to stick it to his SPH. Or well it did, but ED was being a pain... np, I just worked at it anyway, as I peaked on his back.
Came above his tail, and some actually on his tail. I kissed him, before I took photos. After I took Photos, I was gonna eat my *** off of him... only my roommate was back, knocking on the back door. You see, it latches on the inside, but can not be opened on the outside. So I had to let Fievel sit, as I helped him with the groceries. Soon after, I walked into the bedroom, and then redressed Fievel.
I talked to him as I did, trying to not pay no mind to what I just done. I am sure he's got an idea, but has as of yet, said nothing about it.

This story had to come off my chest. Thing is, it hit me like a ton of bricks. (Sort to speak.)
Yes, this is a true story. ;-)
FievelJ FievelJ
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1 Response May 16, 2012

"He's going to be a ***-crispy Fievel. I imagine that he smells extremely good after that."<br />
You would love the smell of him. Mid lower belly, there's stains you can actually see.<br />
I like placing spooge onto him.<br />
<br />
"I have similar fun with my Roo plushie from Winnie the Pooh. He tends to get a fair amount of warm sticky use. :)"<br />
I have a Roo too, but I still prefer this, or near any other Fievel.<br />
I ever do visit, and you have a few, I may either not bring mine from home, or bring one to trade. Or if I got money, might offer 5 - 15$ just to keep one of yours to add to the three I have. Huggles... <3