I Have Been Far Too Heartfelt In My Comments Over These Last Few Days


For none,  for days

Not one

potentially meaningful comment

I seek to give genuinely with love

as my "post" and shining messenger

has arrived.  Slain before my eyes

When the the determined, intent of reaching out with unfettered trust.

Is stolen.

Even the ability to save what you had meant , wished

to communicate...

Stolen from an innate hopefullness to

feel the fingertips of re-union spark.

Gone, Gone and Gone again.

Due to a trick of the glitch

I had wished far too much that this,

I need not accept as an ongoing


 Those we care to give all we have to what we see as a need to be filled.

cannot be by me

when I knew not to acknowlege

Nary a a need but the fix of a glitch

can restore, unto

even me

the birth of those words that I bore

to the four ones

or more,  who I Feel

and have been left thru' the days

too much of all that I felt....


Really enjoyed your work. Had prepared a far more insightful comment. when at last I recalled all that's been lost over the days.
Whatever I did write here, was off the top, cry for help. Which I don't expec to come,  as I once did. Tekkie wise.  I have been on the short end and have kept trying & trying to write with my heart, check little 'yes' box for any response then on to  strike ' post'. Only to be forever lost as a letter to Santa.
I am not bitter for that is not helpful. I just miss the knowledge I have reached out. Whatever the result.

Blessings of Healing Light Now Now Now !

wow...I feel better. One smidgen of positive trumps troubles.  Nite now,
True8 True8
51-55, F
2 Responses May 24, 2012

Love,light and blessings to you always my dear friend.You have such a special gift,no not one,several unique blessings.I admire from across the sea your creative writing,a gift from God,not bestowed upon me.We do however share our compassion and our belief.Always stay strong,you have nothing to fear.

did you receive my heart felt post back to you?

way to go True, yeah... only to be forever lost as a letter to santa.

I have lost 2 more love posts to 2 friends