The welcome mat of the world I am.
Well I am welcoming no more.
So lift your feet from off me
And lift me off the floor.

For I am getting angry
The rage, I feel it swell.
And if you want to take me for a ride,
I'll take you for one- to hell.

I see through you and I know your games.
You're trying to take me for a fool.
Well I'm tired of being played
So here and now, we'll change the rules.

Remove the dice- they're loaded
Take your own marked deck away.
We're playing with my deck this time.
And we'll play the game my way

If you think that this is all unfair
Then you're welcome to take a walk
I see you're afraid to play it right
You just don't talk the talk.

If you're genuine and true
You won't mind giving this a try
Otherwise my door is closed to you
And it's time to say goodbye.
Anonymum Anonymum
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012