A Return of the Lost?

She intrigued him.

So he listened, she spoke to him of redemption, she spoke to him of deliverance...

But mostly she spoke to him of the everlasting love

And the fool reached out for her...

even knowing himself beyond such things

even recognizing the lie of it all

ever wanting to earn It, find It, and to, at last, understand the Truth of It...

These are the things she preyed upon

And as he drew close - for the first time in Eons - feeling The Hope,

The Hope of The Warmth of the Everlast

At last, and again, retreating from the fall into HIS fold...




chest, burst forth... from the front, tis through the back as the Spear of Destiny's Cousin Blade, "Truth," found its unclean home

her place in the Winged Guard: cemented... his feathers, such as they were, aflame- smoke arose and with it the hearts of heaven, and those of the self-proclaimed 'Lost and Unloved.'

another Fallen

Hath Fallen.

more cobbles of The Path

Wrought of bones and the crimson of black...


Angels be not bound

By the Laws of Man 

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2 Responses Aug 21, 2008

I love it.

Someday, you'll have to explain this story to me.