A Sea Of Love (poem)

The darkness surrounds her
like the cloak of eternal night.
The air is thick and cool,
The smell of the sea fills her lungs,
The taste of salt upon her tongue
she wonder's weather its the water
or the tears shes cried.
And despite the madness around her
she longs for her lover.
Aches for him to hold her.
Remembers his kisses and his touch.
Shes drowning in a sea of love
consumed by the secret
knowledge of her passion.
The waves of lust and pain wash over her
clinging to her flesh like liquid fire.
The sky has fallen in love with her
and no matter how bright
his heart shines
she cannot see the truth
for she is blinded
by a broken heart.
So he tries to shout with thunder
but no sound could she hear
for she was to far out
to hear anything but the sound
of the sea screaming.

By Samantha Campbell©  
All rights reserved ~VirginPoet

VirginPoet VirginPoet
26-30, F
3 Responses Oct 31, 2009

I myself is a poet and this is gorgeous! id love to read more

Yes I am published here and there. I would love to have my own book lord knows I could fill it double or more lol I even found the perfect cover I would use been looking for the artist so I can get permission to use it

its official am a fan av read 5 of your stories continuasly...... have you published any of your works coz i would definitely buy.