Daddy's Little Girl

I love you daddy

Cant you see me down here at your feet

Staying strong and holding on

Your daughters’ love is so replete.

I miss you daddy

When you’re gone from home again

The long long days, and longer nights

You don’t come home to tuck me in.

I hear you daddy

When you yell and scream in vain

Your voice is loud, your thunder strong

You speak with such disdain.

I see you daddy

Nodding off on the couch

Cigarette lit and burning

Cant you just put it out?

I don’t feel you daddy

I sense no love from you

Just pain and disapointment

Like a dream that wont come true.

I need you daddy

Do you see my saddened face?

I long for home and understanding

And your fatherly embrace.

I love you daddy

For now, and evermore

I wanted to be closer to you

Than we ever were before.

I miss you daddy

You turned your daughter down

I tried to be your princess

But I never got the crown.

I hear you daddy

You hate who I’ve become

I’m not the same girl I once was, you say

I’m not your little one.

I see you daddy

Now only in my dreams

Disgusted you’ve become with me

Myself, I cant redeem.

I feel you daddy

And the anguish you instill

The words you say are heartwrenching

But that I wont reveal.

I just need my daddy

Just like every little girl

To walk me down the aisle

To watch my life unfurl.

But I understand daddy

I’m not who you set out to create

You’ve gotta remember though

This is my life to narrate.

Be there for me daddy

That’s all I ask of you.

Is it wrong for me to long for

A simple ‘I love you’

You’ve locked yourself up tight daddy

Just like a clam who’s got a pearl

You shut off all emotion

For daddy’s little girl.

I’ve been waiting for you daddy

To make our house a home

Hold us all together

And we’ll never be alone.

I can wait forever daddy

I know you’re stubborn as can be

I’ll wait for you forever

To come around for me.
escapexthexfate escapexthexfate
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Thank you so much! my daddy and i weren't exactly seeing eye to eye there for a while. He didnt approve of my lifestyle choices, and it was tearing us apart..We had never been close like i had always wanted.. finally i said enough is enough, i opened my heart to him and told him that i needed him to be there for me, i needed my daddy. Thank goodness he started coming around. My dad and i have the best relationship i could have ever dreamed of now. <br />
<br />
Thank you so much, this was probably the most emotional poem i've written. It was the hardest to read but the easiest to write. I appreicate your comment ♥ Thank you!

WOW **** me you made me cry and have given me so much to think about you wrote in a way that i could only dream from this poem you must love your daddy but he must have4 done something i feel torture and pain bit love all in one something i have tried to do with some of my poems but haven't so bravo i aplaud well done.