A Poet's Painting

A Poets Painting

(c) M Lutz 2004

Its heading towards the end of the month and
Finally i have found a port where i can be true
To the person i am inside; a scientist who
See’s the theories within a poetic view.

As a poet, i can create a painting that
Shows off a wild lass, who has discovered
Love for the very first time; i can create an
Image where the green knolls of Ireland speak
Of their heritage, even without placing a step
On the green isle; it all comes from the mind.

I can create a poem that bellows a message
So blatantly , i wonder whether anyone can
Actually see beneath the symbolism that is
Uniquely my own; i have found and
Earned my place at being a scientist and
A messenger who creates paintings full of
Hope and warnings; it comes from the heart.

Now some may say, how can i speak about
Places that i have never set foot on; here’s how:
I have visited these places in my mind and
In my heart – that version can not be
Any more pure; i put myself into the
Characters that i create, so then it is
MY experience, MY emotions, MY painting
Megs1984 Megs1984
Dec 12, 2011