Heart Of A Poet (But Not The Talent)

I would not go so far as to convey to the world that I am a poet but I'm certainly a kindred soul of sorts in spirit. You see, I do write poetry, however, my poems are simply not up to snuff. They lack the ease, distinction and eloquence that real poets possess. This unpleasant fact does not keep me from writing but I've given up all my hopes of having my poetry published. It's rather ironic that I experience life in poetry rather than prose but I am noticeably better at penning stories than I ever was at putting the innermost workings of my heart to paper. I've even had a few stories published. So, please forgive me if I rub elbows for awhile as an unfortunate psudeo-poetess who only hopes that while she lingers here, some of the talent of others rubs off on her.
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Eh. You know what you've got. I'm the same way. I don't bother with writing conventions. They are just like music theory "A collection of studies of past tendencies". If you have it in you write it and that's what you do. If you like to write it raw, that's good, because not many people have the ability to write raw.

I believe we all have talent as a poet to one degree or another. I know a few bona-fide poets well enough to know that a good poem does not come easily very often for even the most skilled writer. You have to keep at it, and make changes as you feel more clarity coming on, but you'll get it. I can tell from the way you write-<br />
We are all our own worst critics; share what you write. Just put it out there. The more you do the sooner you'll find clarity in your inner voice that's the source of everything you write. And this voice will evolve as you do. Just speak it. Speak it now-

sometimes it's the finest connoisseurs of the art form who have the most trouble crafting the works themselves. your perfectionism is a testament to your true love of poetry. however.... i think you're a bit too hard on yourself. :0] i thought the piece you wrote was wonderful. best of luck!

Thank you for your praise. I'm not entirely sure I am worthy of it but I will take it just the same lol

Have a great evening and thank you for taking the time to read my poem! I am glad you enjoyed it.

As an example here is a copy of a poem I wrote a while back entitled "Ugly":<br />
<br />
Words penetrate my defenses,<br />
my vulnerabilities stark naked.<br />
Frozen in fear; like a child<br />
awkwardly awaiting punishment,<br />
for offenses beyond my control.<br />
<br />
I search your eyes for mercy,<br />
and find an icy blue tundra.<br />
No compassion could grow here,<br />
only the weeds of disdain.<br />
<br />
Mortal wounds can be words,<br />
and memories can be parasites.<br />
You struck a fatal blow to my ego,<br />
without ever raising your hand.<br />
<br />
Victorious, you loom before me.<br />
Your feigned concern mocking my pain,<br />
and face contorted with rapture.<br />
So, who is the ugly one now?<br />
<br />
The flow seems so clunky and no matter how many times I've retouched it, it doesn't seem to wanna smooth out. Argh!