Loss of Inspiration

My life is a lie

My heart is on fire

My body is weak

When it come to desire

Say what you will

I believe it all

Every lie you tell

no matter big or small.

I hear what I want

And it's never the truth

That's one fault

I didn't lose with my youth.

I'm a dreamer

And a fool

And worse

A mans tool.

They take what they will

And to hell with me

But my heart is SO fragile

Can't anyone see.

I'm a writer of pain

Heartache my muse

I'll write till time ends

as long as men use.

Love was not meant

For one such as me

Or what would I write

For the whole world to see.

So take heart in these words

And joy in my pain

I'll never seek love

Ever again.

salemstar salemstar
26-30, F
5 Responses Mar 19, 2007

Do not give up........love will find u:)

O I forgot the poem is very good

Im a guy and I know how you feel I dont want to love again either I had my heary tore from chest I put my all into a relationship and got nothing back its hard to put yourself out there after youve been treated like your feelings dont matter but dont give up im sure you will find what you deserve

I agree. Don't give up. Keep holding on for all of us who have been where you are. =]

don't give up...