Smoke Gets Up Your Nose....

Smoke…gets up your nose.

Today is a day to remember,
It`s a day that I`ll never forget!
Lets shout it aloud for I`m feeling so proud
I`ve put out my last cigarette.

It all started way back in my childhood,
I must have been eight, perhaps nine,
When I rolled up some twigs and some paper
And got hooked…. like a fish on a line.

Yes for me and my chums it was magic
As we breathed in that wonderful smoke
All the cash that I earned was actually burned,
At the end of each week I was broke.

Then launching myself into manhood,
To smoke seemed the right thing to do,
At dances and parties and funerals
My tobacco addiction just grew.

So I met a young girl and got married,
Had two kids with dark curly hair,
But that didn`t stop me from smoking,
And polluting their God given air.

And now I`m well into my fifties,
A widower with lots of regrets,
I would still have my family around me
If it weren`t for those cursed cigarettes.

But there`s something that I haven`t told you
I`m hooked up to a hospital bed.
With one functioning lung plus a cancerous tongue,
There are times when I wish I were dead.

Yes I`ve had all the regular warnings,
Like spitting up blood for some years,
But I carried on smoking thinking people were joking
Those remarks only fell on deaf ears.

My surgeon has just been to see me,
He`s surprised that I`m keeping so well,
Unable to breathe, and with tubes up my sleeve
Dear God living like this is pure Hell.

Like the stompie that lies in the ashtray,
In the cupboard that’s next to my bed.
I am finished Kaput, with two lungs black like soot
Through the habit I`ve smoked myself …dead!

Wisewords Wisewords
61-65, M
May 5, 2012