I Love To Write

Some name me poet, I do not so myself. Many thinks I am so and call me a fallen demon with poetic soul.
Perhaps they are right, and perhaps they are not... what I do know though is that a poet is one that is full of feelings and ways to describe this world. How the cresent moon might rise, the stars on the sky that twinkles, and that I believe in dreams that they can be real if you work for dreams. I do not think making poems is what makes someone a poet, but perhaps it is something on the road, this journey which one shares.

Life, it is a ghastly dream which one both smile and laugh at, I can do nothing but love life.
The things that are bad, they make one stronger, the hopes that one share, it makes people smile, and what better can one do than make someone smile I ask? Poets are to marvel at the world, share it's sadness but also the joy, to dream and sing, to believe in all. A great poet I guess shall be able to make anyone believe in themselves. I am but a humble woman, that can do mistakes, but I am also a never changing dreamer, that shares my dreams.
Barlong Barlong
26-30, F
May 14, 2012