The Key

i see my poetry as the key to my heart and soul. it feels like a friend that will never abandon me...sometimes people that read my poetry think nothing of it, but once in a while there is one that will come along and feel the meaning that was lingering below the surface. to me poetry is an art that many can accomplish but few try; its like weaving the true passions of life with the ink that brings it to life.....e.g. when i cry my words do to, when i laugh the ink captures the moment, etc.

screammyheartout screammyheartout
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4 Responses Jun 1, 2007

me tooo:)

I like to write sometimes....maybe its poetry...but it starts out as me just writing my thoughts. Sometimes it rhymes...other times its just what it is. But in the end...its a release. I never share what I write because its personal and most people just arent accepting or open-minded. I say keep writing!! and i would love to read any that anybody has. Just send me a message!!

I totaly understand what your saying....writing really helps you connect to what your feeling.....its as though when your writing your totaly connected to who you are...

I also like to write poetry and like to think of it as, 'a breath of heart'.