To Be Or Not to Be That Is Thee Question

Well I do write poems but Ive never considerd myself as a poet thogh I do love writing them,....

Anyway heres one that is about depresion:


A sin so dirty, so vile, so filthy
It can never be scrubbed clean
Something so forebodingly evil
Something so morbidly obscene

What did I do to deserve this hell?
How did I wind up in this place?
In this place the living never rest
In this place the people have no face

And the faceless go on without a hope
Without an identity, no will of their own
A slave to the memory of their abuser
A slave to the life they had once known

I want to go on with my life
But I am so terribly afraid . . .
Of what the future may hold
Of the price that has to be paid

So I will stay here for awhile
Not daring to ever be moved
Waiting for my savior to appear
Waiting, ever cautiously, to be removed,and safe again....

firebird firebird
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 4, 2007


I REALLY liked this piece! However, in reguards to it being about Depression... I think our Savior has to come from within and be Ourselves. Don't you think?

Wonderful poem..a bit sad and angry but don't they say that poets are always exposing strong feelings through their work?<br />
Good Job!!