I Live, I Stand, Alone, But the Angel Is There

I Live, I Stand, Alone, But The Angel Is There
      No matter where I go,
I’ll be there alone,
For the time that remains,
I’ll live only to feel the pain,
To love or hate will not deliberate me from my loneliness,
But from my happiness,
Why, would you say?
Simply because life will bring me to a new place,
Where I will find the peace that I need,
To walk onto this path of darkness,
Will guide me to the light that calls me,
The shadow that follows me,
Is the angel that protects me,
From the devil that dares to hunt my soul,
So where I dare to walk, I’ll never stand alone,
Because my Golden Angel is there.
firebird firebird
18-21, F
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Your a very talented writer!