I Am Not a Poet But I Enjoy Writing Things...

The Crescent Moon
      When the sun finally sets,
When the stars come out to play
And the wind blows ever so softly
Bringing you back to today

And when the leaves on the trees are still green and lush
And the grass is ever growing
And the beauty of time seems to have held still
And the rivers just keep on flowing

And the magic of the earth is rising once more
And the souls of all that is good seem to be at peace
And your own is in awe of such a beauty
And you realize how you are at home

When the day is gone, and the gentle night takes over
Simply look to the sky and find it sitting there
She guides us all, and watches us carefully
Her magic is in the wind

Her crescent form is lovely and delicate,
And her eyes shut themselves to watch
And the gentleness of her beauty is overcome with hate
Her hope for us yet is still there, and her dreams are full of fate

When will you realize that she is there
And when you will see her for all that she is
When will you open to her
And find that she is a piece of you

She is our protectress, our everloving friend
For she is the sleeping crescent moon
And when she grows full again, each month of each year
And she wakes her weary self up
We must watch and listen, to the magic of the night
Love and light phoenix xx
firebird firebird
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 27, 2007

wow its beautiful ii love it :D x