Poor Lost Soul

Poor lost soul
You look so young
People say your life has just begun
Deep inside you feel so old
You'll be ok it'll get better in time
You drown out the words
Too many times you've been told

Poor lost soul
Turning to the blade in the draw
Always hiding
Behind your long sleeves
Your music your plaster smile
And your bedroom door
Family thinking your ok
If only they knew how wrong they were
Your an actor
Poor lost soul
A great pretender
Fooling the teachers
Friends and enemies too
The blade in your room
The only one who ever understood you

Poor lost soul
The cuts fade
But you still see them all the same
No one knows that your not real
Your but a fiction now
Screaming but no one hears a sound

Poor lost soul
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2 Responses Oct 15, 2013

kind of reminds me of me....but it is really good. I liked it,

I relate to this.
take care.