Why Bother O' Brother

Why bother o' brother

to seek the end of time?

For you would not see it for long.

Only a moments viewing,

before the closing bell rings.

Why not, instead, consider now?

A time of prosperous turmoil.

A show for all who care to watch.

Why not consider your own?

And who knows,

maybe you'll get lucky,

maybe the end is now.

unsanity unsanity
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Thank you so very much.<br />
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I do love sending people on trips to dictionaries. I love taking those trips as well. Thats the best way to send people to the books, go to them yourself :D

Again with your big words and your literature, ******* city folk, lol. JK. Very intellectual piece of writing and I enjoyed the numerous trips to dictionary.com at the fact that I'm so enthralled by your continuing effort to amaze the masses with your ellaborate vocabulary. Don't stop anytime soon 8). (Sounded dirty, oops..lol).