Got To Love A Good Game Of Poker!

I love poker. You do not have to be the best to have a good time.
You do have to be talented to make some money though to make up for what you do not know LOL.

My big day playing a cash game no limit for the first time was hilarious.
I took a seat to the left of the dealer and as everyone looked at me, I just smiled and sat down like I knew it all.

Now, I knew how to play fairly well in tourneys but this was different for me playing a no limit table. My best pot was an all in against a lady who was in her late 70's or so and had a big and I mean big OLD attitude with me.

So since I am blonde I decided to make that work for me. I was in a pot along with the rest on this one hand.
When I flopped a full house I sat there thinking with the high cards on the board how am I gonna get one person to think I am bluffing?

Well, when it came to me...I looked at the dealer and said :
(Um excuse me but is this where I can raise now?) being all cute talking LOL!

So I raised and all the table but this one lady folded.
She said to me from across the table :
(I'm not buyin your bologna  what do you got?) as she starred me down.

I just looked at her and smiled and said :
(Cost you to find out huh?)
So she got so mad she said:
(Yeah? Ok I am ALL IN cause your bluffing!)

I laughed and thought about it and than I called her.
OMG when I turned over my full house she got pissed off
and got up from the table and said to me:
(UGHHH You are the worst player I have seen yet!) and she left.

I smile and said:
(Oh yah I know but I have $120 bucks now LOL)
Sometimes poker is not about what you know.
It is about the cards as they say ......PLAY DA CARDS BABEY!

CommanderCupcake CommanderCupcake
51-55, F
Jan 12, 2013