Stockwell Day - Justification For New Jails

I say this with my head hung low as a Canadian. Our Conservative Treasury President Stockwell Day stated that our government is going to go ahead and spent billions on building new jails because of all the UNREPORTED crimes that have been happening. Yes folks, that's what he said. Even though there has been a steady decrease of crimes over the past years he still thinks that new jails are needed. Damn fool! I wonder what the real reason is for them wanting to spend $9 billion on a jail..Oh that's right, perhaps to continue the rule that these institutions have on our society??? Bah this coming from a dude who thinks the Flinstones is a documentary LOL..

Anyway, here is an article from if you are interested.

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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

the province owns the jail. tried private ownership once but it didn't work

Maybe his brother is specialized in building Jails? Are jails state property in Canada?