Being Aware Of Your Thoughts

When your feeling emotional or angry, have pen and paper handy and write down a list of your feelings.

2/ Later, when your calm, read the list one by one and write logical or illogical beside each one.

3/ Bring each thought seperately into your mind. eg ( I hate myself, I am such a worhless person ect,)

4/ Bring the thought into your mind as it's written.

5/ Use your intellect to decide whether it's true or false, if it's illogical release the thought.

You will find that the negative things we say about ourselfs and others when angry, emotional
are illogical so bin them and you'll become more positive.

The secret is being aware of your thoughts before you become emotional, this will help you be more positive.
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2011

That's a great idea SD22 and a good way to make ourselves aware of our emotions and deal with them. Another positive message !

your welcome.