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Being Positive Ain't Easy!

I like thinking of myself as someone who manages to remain an optimist despite having to deal with drama and stress. Sometimes it's so tempting to give up and be a pessimist. I won't stop being a positive person. No, never. I try to think more about positive stuff, and less of the negative stuff. I immediately break myself out of negative thoughts by replacing those thoughts with positive thoughts. It works wonders for me. I believe everything will eventually work out for the better. Just wait and see, although it helps if you're a positive thinker. I know I may seem a little naive with the way I think, but I'm not. There's always something to be happy about; I have my vision.
Ichilicious Ichilicious 26-30, M 3 Responses Jul 26, 2011

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Being way too positive and negative only cause troubles and leave you detrimental results. the point is balancing the two things in our mind :D

Most of the time I am happy and think positive, but there are other times when somthing gets into my mind and I drink a bottle of wine honsetly i wish I never tasted wine or knew about alcohol.<br />
<br />
I live with my teenage daughter we have an awesome relationship, I am not negitive when I drink I just do not wish to do this any more. I am looking for postive people to chat with so to eventually stop this nonesense.

Good luck.

Nope there is nothing naive about the way you're thinking. Thinking positive does help you diffuse and get rid of stress and drama as you said. That's a great thing! We all deserve a happy life. Each day there is something to be happy about and thank God for. As long as you keep your great outlook on life, it will keep getting better :) I like the way you think :)

Thank you, I appreciate your words. :3