It's A Curse :)

My first thought when someone is complaining is a positive one. For example, someone tells me he got a flat tire this morning, my first thought is - You're lucky it wasn't raining or snowing. I mean it's December in New Jersey and it's 50 degrees out there! But I keep it to myself. Because that is annoying. When you're trying to complain and someone comes along and ruins the moment for you.
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3 Responses Dec 27, 2011

I am glad I read this. Because I tend to intervene on someones moment during a complaint. I simply just cant help but to think "it could be worse". hehe I will let people complain with no interruptions :)

It is the kinder thing to do... haha

Oh WiB, you are BAD!

hehe ;-)

I thought it was only me that was this annoying ... my husband goes mad when I spoil his moments ... he is dying for me to commiserate with him but I always point out how it could have been much worse. Looking on the bright side has its disadvantages ... like irritating the heck out of other people (which can also be quite funny in a sadistic kind of way!!)

it could have been worse- one of the dirtiest phrases in the english language i hope when the positivity and crap wear off, when you are having a real hard time in life and just need someone to freaking listen the run you into the ground with that- i won't say what i hope the end result would be because that would be creul and why stoop to any of your levels any of you ?

when the positivity and crap wear off, i eat ice cream. it could be worse though... it's Edy's 1/2 the fat ice cream.