Annoyingly Optimistic..!! :)

That is what i am called all the time with all my friends..!! :) :)
I always think of something positive in everything!! initially it was soooo difficult..
But now its a way of life.. now i feel uncomfortable if i dont think positively..
positivity makes me beautiful, makes me glow!!
Positivity makes me what i am today..!! its the reason y i exist..!
I love spreading it too..!! i love to make ppl positive..!! As many as I can..!!!
Its an amazingly wonderful feeling..!!! :):)
It makes u alive..!!! Come on ppl.. start living..!! start thinking positively :):)
Hugs..!! :):)
Myra.. :)
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22-25, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2012

You sound annoyingly sweet, :D