My Mother Once Told Me I Was Too Positive! Huh?

I will never forget the time about 6 years ago when my mother and I were talking about some event that was going on at the time and she told me I was too positive. I was like "Huh" , how can you be too positive. She didn't mean it like I had too optimistic or an unrealistic viewpoint on something, she literally meant she couldn't understand my having an optimistic attitude on the outcome of the situation we were talking about. Of course this was coming from a person who assumed their dog was run over and dead if it was missing for 15 minutes, the glass was almost always empty I guess. I have always thought that you should think of the best outcome first and the worst last. It doesn't make it so but it gives everything a whole lot better of a chance of happy outcome if that is what you expect. If you always expect the worst someday it will happen and if you always expect the best you will be happier more often I believe. You can't be too positive!
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Dec 6, 2012