Took Me to Senior Years

at my age (81) i have had many experiences.They have all shaped me into the person i am today.raising childern,losing my husband of 40 years.sickness,poverty,etc name it.Finally recovering alcoholic since 1977.Started to grow up.My mom was mildly mentally retarded,no hope for folks in those i grew up virtually without a mom.Poor Dad took the burden on for her.He was a saint.Discovered my Church at an early age,but not until AA did i realize i had a God was my friend,Lots of 'STUFF' in my long life.BUT ,HERE I AM.lOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE (MOSTLY)Have some doubts,fears,lil depression,Have learned nothing lasts forever,always passes.IF I LET GO AND LET GOD,Having healrh stuff in my ole age but mind still alert,on my feet,on my computer.My grown kids call me for advice,Always tell them the answers lie with them,God loves them and wants the best for them.Even atheists can find the within themselves,Got more years left in me.Intend to spend them with a smole,think positively and your dreams will come true,My semi shut in world is small.but okay with me,I even amaze myself.

foreverme foreverme
70+, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2009

You sound like an interesting lady!..............good attitude..........i should try that out myself.....