Looking Positive

Life has been hard. If you've read my other stories, you would know why. And before, that used to get me down. Really down. I used to think about suicide a lot and used to cut. But now I'm moving onto bigger and better things.

Since I turned 18, I decided that my outlook on life was getting me nowhere. I couldn't keep blaming other people, family members or even God for my unhappiness. It was all down to the way I looked at things. So, as a New Years resolution, I decided to try to be more positive about things. And you know what? It's worked! 

Sure, I still have my bad days, but doesn't everyone? I've overcome my bleak outlook now and am finding that I'm much happier for it. For instance, today, my Jack Russel decided (once again) to try to kill my hamster. He knocked her cage over, spilling sawdust, food and hamster feces all over the floor. After I had removed the dog and disciplined him, I checked to see if the hamster was still alive. Luckily, she was (if a bit shaken) and I was just so thankful for that that I laughed when I realised that the dog had done me a favour by spilling things everywhere.

The hamster had needed a clean-out any way!

Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
Mar 22, 2010