The Most Wasted Of All Days Is One Without Laughter. (e.e. Cummings)

I love this quote! I find it really hard to be around negative people. There was a time I had the patience to try and sort people out and boost them up. Now I find their negativity draining and I cut them out. Sure all friends have a down day but 365...hmmmmm...
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Positive is good and yes let the negative attract each other

good one!!!!!!

Touche!! Couldn't agree more. :)

I agree with you.. I can't spend my time always lifting others spirits up when I myself sometimes need that. Also it can be so draining to do that. Laughter is the best medicine.. I love that quote and its a popular one in my family. *cheers to you*

Attitudes are infectious. It's better to be around positive people.

People hurt sometimes for a short time and some for a long time does this mean We ignore them or try to lift them up.<br />
Someday it could be Me needing a lift up.

Without happiness and laughter, there really isn;t that much to live for if it wern't for those things. Having someone living in self pity drags everything out.

I should as an angel feel pity......but I agree it's so draining........Man Up whatever gender you are.....

WIN... there is nothing sexy about wanting pity and attention... kudo's mein wooty