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As a post~op woman of five years I thought I had travelled my path and had taken my penultimate step as I now live my life as myself in a busy professional and social life having experienced no difficulties or drama along the way.

Three years ago I decided to join a Sports and Fitness Club as I had just given up smoking.I felt I needed to get myself in shape and would need professional guidance to help me attain my goals.

I went along to a local Club,met one of the male trainers,had a good look around then decided this was the place for me.It's a huge place with tennis courts,squash courts,a huge gym area with dozens of different machines to help people aquire their required levels of fitness.There are also free weight areas and indoor and outdoor swimming pools

The next day I returned to my new club,no make~up just me as I wake up every morning,to meet my personal trainer who would set up a regime for me.I felt good about myself for daring to be this raw in front of a stranger.Everything was very relaxed and friendly with just the right amount of
professionalism.Once I had spent my time in the gym I went downstairs to the ladies changing
rooms to have a refreshing swim after my exertions in the gym.

Obviously I had come prepared,shampoo and conditioner for after my swim and of course my swimming cossie,which I had bought a couple of months before,but had never worn in public.In fact I have never been naked in front of anybody since starting my transtion nearly 10 years ago now.

As I walked into the changing rooms I was visually overwhelmed by the sight of all sorts of naked women ~ of course you cry,what did you expect considering where I was ! You try it for the first time and you'll understand exactly how I felt.For 10 minutes or so I was in a daze as my head spun with the enormity of what lay ahead of me.Some women smiled at me as I began to unpack my sportsbag,in fact one lovely woman helped me understand how the lockers worked.But inside my belly was swirling as I knew I would have to get naked in front of these women.Up until this moment I had not for one minute thought about this or how I would react or how other women might react to my nakedness.So off came leggings,my bra and my knickers and I stood there as naked as naked could be.And guess what ? Nobody bothered ! Once I absorbed this, something within me smiled and glowed as I realised I had taken nearly the last step on my partcular journey (my final step will come when I become intimate with another woman).So I put on my swimming cossie.took a quick shower and skipped happily to the pool.Of course I would have to go through the whole process again after my swim ~ shower,towel off,getting naked ,then getting dressed and drying my hair in front of women I had never met before this unexpected,momentous day in my life.

Once again I learned that to be content and happy with ourselves we should learn to accept who we are,to really love ourselves warts and all,and get on with living our lives instead of making a huge drama of it all.Believe me,you cannot be more exposed or vulnerable than being a post~op woman who is naked for the very first time in front of other naked women.

Smiles, Kelly

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Just another naked woman, Nice huh!


You go girl. I'm very proud of you.

Thank you Craig

I don't if I could do that. Since I work at home, I'm very comfortable at home. But in public I have been more self-conscious now, post-op, than I was before. Did you have a similar experience?

Not at all .... I love being me. Apart from being a checkout chick I also tread the boards whenever I can. Shame you don\'t feel comfortable in public Stacy.

Very nice

I really like hearing and reading stories like yours
keep them up they are great

Thank you .... Kelly

Wonderful story and thank you for sharing, it brought a smile to me today.

Thank you Jacqueline ..... it is always good to smile .... Kelly

Keep searching leprechaunz and hopefully you will find some peace within yourself.

That's a beautiful story KellyMac. I'm glad you have found yourself. I'm still looking.

Thank you samson

What a beautiful story. I have been trying to gain a better grasp of what a dear friend is/will be going through and your story is very vivid. Thank you for sharing!!

Happy to have given you more understanding. I hope your friend's journey is without event.

What a motivating and inspirational story i hope to one day be able to write a semilar exsperiance, thanks for sharing :)

Thank you and good luck

Thanks for your story. What a woman! Happy for you :)

Bless ....

You go girl, good for you. I am an older pre op model and don't look anywhere as feminine as I would like, so it follows that i lack confidence. But your story offers encouragement and hope for the future. I am hoping to save enough to have facial surgery.

Oh ... and I turned 60 last October ! Age is just a number girl !

you go girl, I am an older pre op model have been on hormones for one and a half years don't look as feminine as I'd like and don't feel that confident either, but your story is inspiring

Hey girl thanks for popping in. Confidence comes from within .... not from the outside. I didn't use to look as I do now hun. Oestrogen and a good outlook has done it for me. I hope you complete your journey happily.

Most excellent, you give us girls that are still in waiting some hope for the future!

Their is nothing without hope .... don't live in the shadows Elle ! .... Kelly

This is a BRILLIAT STORY: than you for sharing it with us!

thanks Enya

Bless x

Great positive story! Like you said it's great to share anything positive we can as we often only hear about the negative. I've been very lucky in my transition and very rarely experience negative encounters but I know many girls aren't so lucky. You sound like you are very happy. Congratulations:)<br />
<br />
Perhaps we could be friends and chat from time to time.

Hi Kirsty,

Lovely to hear from you and yes it's always good to make new friends. i have added you to my very small circle of friends.

Smiles, Kelly x

I smiled a little while reading your story. I have never been comfortable with being naked in a locker room, and I never will be. So even though I am not in your shoes, I know what it feels like! What a great way to end my night (as it is night here lol).

Hey girl thanks for visiting ... hope you slept well ... Kelly x

Kelly, I can just imagine what was going through your mind at that very moment. But we all have our hurdle to get past, and it looks like you passed your with flying colors. Liza

Hey Lizathanks for popping in. Yes we all have our own particular hurdles to overcome and doors to open .... how we deal with thewm has such an influence on who we are and how we live our lives.

Yes that is so true and not only that but how we deal with our hurdles and doors in our lives also shows us where are strengths and weaknesses are, giving us hints as to what we need to work on to accomplish our goals in life.

And how it shines!<br />
<br />

thank you Andie .... smiles, Kelly x

My transition was over 5 years ago . Since then I have been living my life in the light<br />
<br />

That is beautiful; and your photos are pictures of perfection.

Thank you ....

I am guessing how hard it must have been for you at first, but I think once you get over that hurdle makes it easier next time. I think most of us are too wrapped up in our own little world to worry about anybody else.


Thanks for your comment,I couldn't agree with you more.