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I am a lone practictioner.  I need to discuss herbs and spells with one who is more enlightened.  Callalilly

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Thanks Elf for the advice on sage. Much needed info. Thanks again.

I'm a herbal man, but more of a scientific inclination. I'd rather be careful, or you might put a bad spell on me -:)<br />
Doctors could never cure my frequent colds, until I found Echinacea and Garlic extract. I was close to developing diabetes-2, before I started to drink half a cup of green tea every week. My mind was slowing down a decade ago, but then I found Lecithin which improves short-term memory. And so on...<br />
I just see it's been 4 years since you posted.

Aren't they majestic!? I was notified by World Wilflife that they are trying to pass a bill, which may have passed, to shoot wolves on sight. That's just not right! They were driven to extinction and then carefully brought back with a lot of work. Now, the people out there want them dead. They hate the Buffalo because of Brusalosis and shoot them on sight. It wouldn't be too rough to vaxinate the herd, as I do not think there are than many. I;m talking when they wander out of the park. My spelling has never been much to shout about and I apologize if I goof up on here. The people of Wyoming have pissed me off. I do not understand people who know these animals live near their homes and don't check before going out the door to see if a Black Bear or Grizzly, or Large cat or wolf or what ever is lurking about. If you choose to live in the Wilds, then you run that risk. So, don't be stupid and just stumble out your door. Look around and always carry an unbrella or such when you go to your car. Beats me why some people are so dumb.

I met several wolves last year............ customer had them beautiful and huge..

It was. I got to run in the woods with my dogs and see nature first hand. Nothing ever bothered me. I was told to make noise and stomp hard-snakes cannot hear, but can feel vibrations. Couger, bear and other animals do not like us, so they run away. I heard a couger scream one night when I was young. Mom and I were sitting on my bed looking at something I had bought with my savings and as we had no air conditioning, the windows were up. We lived really close to a creek which was my Grandfather's. I would fish out of there and catch yellow bellied perch. I'd throw them back because they are just so boney. But I knew how and still do, to gut a fish and prepare it for eating. Well, Mother and I were just gabbing and we heard the most God-awful skreech/scream I have ever heard. Sort of like a dying woman, if one were dying of fear. We both jumped up and ran to Daddy. He was of course stuck in a book and said "What?!" when we ran in there screaming. He said he wasn't going out and told us it was a couger hunting a mate and by now it was gone. It was following the stream hunting a mate. He was from Oklahoma and had traveled quite a lot after graduation in the 30s. He went to the Dakotas where they were really resplendant then. There are wolves in the outer parts of the wooded areas here. People buy them and they escape or get out. They don't like confinement and will work like the dickens to get free. I was in a country vet's office a few years ago with my husband and daughter and in came this huge animal which was the size of a shetland pony. I whispered to one of the girls, "Is that a wolf?" She said yes. She told us that they had about eight. They have their property fenced and let several loose at night and keep the tamer ones inside. The area they said they lived in is very mean and conservative and I got the impression that they were lesbians and I bet they got them for protection from some of the men who think that is perverted. That was the biggest canine I have ever seen. He licked my hand. He was sort of tame. He was a timber wolf, brown and browner. Well, see you later dude. Hugs, Callalilly

Sounds like a wonderful way of growing up<br />

I have sage. Bought a plant about a month ago and it is growing like mad. It is in my OWN composte, if you please!!!!!! I am so happy about my dirt. It takes a while to make good humas, but I put a Bouganvilla in a huge pot of my dirt and it is about five feet tall now! That stuff is good. My Grandmother had a patch of sage that was always there. It never died and always came back. Mine doesn't come back so well. I never got around to planting my Lavender. I guess now is as good a time as any. I never planted my MoonFlower Vine either. I was out of the working world for 12 weeks after my spinal surgery. I just came in from building a small reataining wall and putting some stuff in it my youngest son called dirt. I call it chert. However, if I put enough good dirt over it, it can make a good surface. I pulled something in my back today. If I ever get my co-pay paid off to the surgeon who did my neck, he wants to fix my scoleosis. Now, I'm not having rods and I do not intend to be stiff. I have hurt like this since I was 18. I'm used to it. But brother it can hurt when it decides to twist a few minute degrees. I don't like pain pills. Soma is about the only thing which can help my pains. It's a muscle relaxor and all I get from it is sleepy. Same with valium which I take for aniexty. I take an arthritis med called Mobic and one called Lyrica. I am alergic to cortizone. I cannot stop working. I am going down fighting. I cannot crank my mower, it hurts my neck, but I can mow the heck out of the yard if someone else cranks it. The grown ups worked hard when I was growing up. I was a winker. My grandparents got on to me so much. My granddaddy could pick two rows of cotton and still pick faster and more clean than anyone I've seen, ever. He was half Cherokee and half White.We lived an old fashioned life until the mid to late sixties when we finally came into the 20th century. I tried to pick as hard as I could when I was small. After I became a teen, I had no excuse. I was always getting bitten by spiders. That hurt! My grandmother would come to me from where ever she happened to be in the field and put tobacco juice on it and the pain would go away. She dipped snuff. Thank goodness, I never adopted the habit. Oh, well, enough of my blather. See ya! Callalilly

Try planting in pots that are easily watered and within sight so you don't forget them<br />
Sage should be easy to grow as well as basil. lavender, and heres information from om hoe to grow sage:<br />
<br />
<br />
How to Grow Sage As a Plant<br />
1 <br />
<br />
<br />
Prepare a firm seed bed for your sage plants in the garden. If the soil has been freshly tilled, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends packing down the soil before seeding. To grow sage in areas damaged by fire and chemicals, lightly disk to aerate the soil.<br />
<br />
2 <br />
<br />
<br />
Broadcast or hand plant sage seeds over the area you have selected. Leave them on the surface or insert seeds no more than 1/8 of an inch into the soil. Do not cover with organic material. Watering is not required. The USDA says that sage is successfully cultivated "on roadsides, fields and open woodlands" and on many types of soil.<br />
<br />
3 <br />
<br />
<br />
Plant seeds in the late summer to grow the most bountiful sage plants. Optionally, seed sage at your leisure, anytime after the frost-free date in your area has passed. Sage can tolerate Zone 5 winters unprotected.<br />
<br />
4 <br />
<br />
<br />
Maintenance is minimal. Prune the sage back to half its size, twice a year. The Carleton College greenhouse says, "To keep the plants bushy, prune in the spring to encourage young shoots...also after flowering in late summer."<br />
<br />
5 <br />
<br />
<br />
Remove sage plants from the garden every two to six years or when they become too woody to produce the desired amount of foliage. Saturate the root-ball with water and pull. The tap root system of the sage plant should come out easily.<br />
<br />
Read more: How to Grow Sage As a Plant |

Thanks TigerLillyxxx.

Oh, well. Now you know. Thanks for no negative statements. Hugs, Callalilly

Yes, Catwhiskers. I do have different ways of living than some. But, don't we all?

Oh MY!!<br />
I just learned something new about you!<br />
How cool!<br />
<br />
Great big hugs,<br />
Kat :)

I have to buy mine from a shop. Mine always dies. I remember my grandmother had a huge patch and it came back every year. I do burn it and go from room to room and demand that all evil spirits leave according to the four elements, four directions and four seasons. The rule of four. Then I pour salt over the door sill, and window sills. Takes a while but I do believe it works. For happiness, one can place rice in the corners of each room in the house. This means: may you have all the happiness as to the grains of rice in the world. Thanks, my friend. BB, now Callalilly, but still Barb

Hey Barb, I love to talk about that stuff, any time! Have you got any white sage, that is so lovely to dry and burn, it gets out the negative vibes or tired vibes or sick vibes and freshens your home and property! Sweeps your whole place with sweet serenity. :)

I have a fairy garden. shady and calm with beautiful shade plants. Let's talk often.

In my experience, each one is more enlightened in some ways. Sharing insights is a pleasant way to interact. The fascinating thing about my plants is:very often i'll read about or simply fancy a plant--all of a sudden it will appear in my garden.......such fun---I planted my garden on some waste land and people said, "nothing will grow there." Right now, the problem is-- too many things are growing there--I just have to keep expanding it...It's simply amazing.<br />
My intention was, originally, to make a little Oasis for the faeries--on their way to a better place.....Evidently the nature spirits took a liking to the odd little wild greenery.....:)

I am good with herbs and oils.