I’m Certainly Not a “tree Hugging Hippy” Type.

However, where possible, I attempt to incorporate practices in my lifestyle that are cognisant of their affects on the broader environment. I’m lucky enough to live in Queensland Australia, where there is a climate that allows me to cycle rather than drive an automobile, make decisions on eating locally grown produce, and participate in local ecological protection projects. However, the environment is also affected by drought, flooding, bush fires, and coral reef destruction – with little doubt of humans’ role in global warming. I choose to be a lacto vegetarian, in part, as it is responsible for less greenhouse gases than that resulting from a diet of meet. Similarly, by using solar water heating and electricity production, I can actively reduce my “carbon footprint” – and earn money from selling excess electricity back to the grid – and utilise rain water storage tanks for gardening and ‘grey’ water use. I also chose to finance the planting of trees to further offset my carbon footprint. A pragmatic approach to environmentalism is a responsible approach that acknowledges all the costs affecting the environment – social, cultural, economic, and ecological. It promotes sustainability, whilst acknowledging the existence of ‘intrinsic’ rights extending further than our own. It does not have to be anti development. However, it can alter the way we measure economic costs, and utilise alternative methods of development that reduce/mitigate our carbon footprints.
kohiti kohiti
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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Well Kohiti, that is certainly pragmatic! I commend you and am in awe of you for doing so much to care for the environment. If only I could afford to go solar! I'd be one of the happiest people on earth!