I Got Pranked By A Kid

I am a fan of simple pranks. I like to see the confusion and surprise people make on their faces when they are pranked. I have some memorable pranks but before I share them, I would like to write a story about how my five year old aka Blueberry pranked me just now.

While browsing the net, my daughter waved at me the empty plastic containers which had her ABC and Number Flashcards. She told me someone threw them away.

Quickly flaring up, I asked her why she would throw away her flashcards and where she threw them.

She sat down and told me they were in the garbage can. I went there and there was no flashcard in sight. I went back to her and she said they're actually downstairs. Still, there were no flashcards. Then, she told me they're actually in the backyard and then in the front garden. All turned out to be false.

Finally exasperated, I called her out and asked her again where she really threw the flashcards or else. She then pointed at a box near her.

I found that the flashcards were on the top of the box the whole time, covered only by a few clothes.

Blueberry gave me a grin.
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 9, 2013