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I became a premier jewelry lady in March of this year. I have a full time job that I really enjoy and I thought this would be a great way to bring in some extra money to pay off some bills. It seemed like it would be a lot of fun and how can you go wrong if you are having fun? My initial investment was $1600.00. I didn't have the money to do it so I applied for the premier credit card.
I went to the "Rally" they have in July. My cost for this was approximately $1500.00. Additionally they update the line adding new pieces and therefore they "retire" existing pieces. So in August after taking out my retired pieces of jewelry (that were 4 months old) I spent another 900.00 to fill in the gaps left in my display.

Now with my collection current I'm ready to get to work ( I'm really getting into debt with this business). Looking for people to hostess parties I have discovered that the best place for the consumer to purchase premier jewelry is Ebay. Same jewelry, same delivery time you do not get the golden guarantee on Ebay (not a big deal for the 75% - 80% savings!)

I am so disappointed that this opportunity turned into something that put me further into debt instead of it being a tool to improve my financial situation. If you are thinking about doing this my advice to you would be invest in a small collection of jewelry at first. Don't go to the Rally unless you have already made that money. Understand that your investment is continuous so if you work full time you may have to do more shows that you want to at first to pay for your investment. Make sure that the people who have shared the opportunity with you are going to support you.

As for me I can't in good conscious sell something to people that I now know is overpriced. This is a huge disappointment for me.
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I don't feel that Premier Designs jewelry is over priced, you could not go to a store and buy what you can from Premier and get the versatility and the golden guarantee. As for your initial investment you do not have to spend all that you did to start your own Premier Designs Business. I also went to rally my first year and I did not spend near what you did to go. Also you don't have to buy all the new jewelry when it comes out in fact you can actually earn it for free if you work your business as a business and not a hobby. I am sorry that Premier did not work out for you but it does work for many women. Also there is so much more to Premier than a business. The positivity from your Premier family and the support you get is absolutely wonderful. Premier is a business based on biblical principles and I have grown in my faith just being a part of this wonderful business.

1600??? i only had to pay 495.00 total for my premier supplies.. they even have some supply plans cheaper than that!!! 1600 is crazy!!! sounds like somebody jipped you!

I'm so sorry for your experience. I know it must be a big disappointment to invest so much money into your business, then to find out that people can go on eBay and buy for less. I also have been in the jewelry business for over 7 years and had a company close down, so I know what it's like to start all over again. I did find a fine jewelry line that is direct from the manufacturer, so the prices are incredible, and it's fine .925 sterling silver as well as surgical stainless steel. Don't give up! Keep looking and you'll find the right company or product for you. JoAn Stead, momprenuer www.SparkledUp.com

I am sorry you feel this way. I encourage my team to attend Rally IF they have the money saved up for it. You should not have attended and the cost of $1500 seems very high. As for the new jewelry, you are not required to purchase any of it. That again is a decision that you make as a jeweler. If you were not consulted properly by your upline about all of this, I again am sorry. Premier is a great company and you do make great money HOWEVER you have to be smart about how you invest your money as in any business. Why did it cost you $1600 to get started? That too is way high.

im with you why did it cost you 1600??? i signed up for premier for 375.00 and for additional products it was on 495.00 so i pick the 495.00 package and that was the only thing i had to pay!! omg i couldnt imagine hafting to pay 1600!! i think somebody just really jipped you!

Ultimately you support you.. you determine the altitude where you go with anything in life. It failed because you gave up. Lots of things are overpriced and people pay for it ? That is why people host shows to get a discount on the jewelry. Decide you will be successful and you will. Your thoughts on paper are a black cloud. Change your thoughts and that becomes your action. ACT don't go into the dark hole ? Network, find fundraisers to do for good causes ? Girl scout cookies are ridiculously priced but people buy them for the cause not the cookie ??

I literally have the same story you do, even the month I started in 2014 though. I will be getting out. I read in the initial sign up, you can send everything back, before your first year is over, for a refund. Unfortunately, I also paid for a year of the website, & credit card processing as well.

I'm perplexed how you spent that much going to rally! I spent less than $300! If you are smart about money this business is a complete and utter blessing! You obviously need some tips from Dave Ramsey. 😊

I stumbled upon this disgruntled group and I am perplexed at some of your statements. You said that you joined Premier in March of 2011..and paid $1600 to get in. Well I'm not sure what you purchased. But at that time, the jeweler fee was $395 (the same as it is today) and you had 2 choices of kits...one at $475 and the large kit at $750. so if my math is correct, you owed $1145 plus tax. Now, you did have the option to purchase additional items at 50% if you wanted to but that was not a requirement. In fact, you could have purchased the smaller kit bringing down your initial investment.
Now lets talk about Rally. Good for you, for going to Rally. It should have inspired you to become the best representative that you could be but obviously it did not. You said you paid $1500 to go to Dallas to Rally. Let's tell everyone the real costs for going to a Premier rally. The fee for the convention is $160 AND that includes all of your meals during Rally days...Thurs, Fri, Sat til 4:00. Most conventions don't include any meals. Most of us stay with other jewelers to bring down the cost of the hotel room. The price of most rooms near the convention center are $150-$200 per night (and you probably stayed 3 nights). Sharing a room with 3 other jewelers brings the price down to $50-$75 per night. (there are other hotels much cheaper than this and Premier provides transportation to and from the convention center each day at no cost) There is transportation costs to and from the airport. But using the Premier discount it is about $20 each way. I have no idea where you live but in this scenerio your plane ticket would have cost you $1075!!!!! If this is true, I am so sorry for being skeptical about your statements and I apologize. Or....you went shopping in Dallas and spent lots of extra money. That would not be a Premier problem.
You also need to tell people that Premier would have gladly let you return your initial jewelry kit purchase for the price you paid for it during that first year.
Since you don't believe in the value of the product you represent, it would be impossible to build a successful business.
Most areas of the country have fabulous training and support. Once again, I don't know where you live or if you reached out to find support if you were not getting it from your sponsor. But please do not paint this picture of Premier.
I am embarrassed for you that you wanted to degrade a reputable company and all of the people that represent it because it didn't work for you!

I am not sure how Premier is reputable. Their sales pitch seems to be giving the customer a gift wrapped box, then telling them they can only keep their "gift" if they agree to join Premier as a salesperson. This is a manipulative, tacky way to get people to join. I never worked for Premier, but I went to one of their sales pitches. I was originally told it was a "party" and I could look at jewelry to purchase. However, the saleswoman displayed her jewelry, but didn't seem interested in selling any of it. Instead, she made everyone sit in these uncomfortable metal folding chairs for 2 hours while she pitched the business. Then she gave everyone a gift wrapped box and said "pass or play" and if you "pass" then you have to give me back your gift. I gladly gave it back to her and told her I needed to leave.

Maybe the jeweler you were introduced to ran her shows like this and for that I will apologize but the majority of jewelers do not. I am sorry you had a bad experience with Premier but that was only one jeweler. There are many more jewelers out there that run their business with integrity.

Wow, ... what a thread. All I can say is that it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of work and effort to get ANY business (MLM or not) off the ground. <br />
<br />
Unfortunately, many in Network Marketing are not given the truth in expectations when getting started brand new in the industry. People on here who gave positive feedback, did so because they have put in the necessary time and effort to make themselves professionals in the business. <br />
<br />
My partner has started Premier only after seeing me go through the motions with my 1st company, Organo Gold. Success & Getting Financially free is possible - but you will never stay in the game long enough to see the end result.<br />
<br />
I would recommend diving into, and researching the reasons why you say it didn't work for you. Focus on making yourself better, and if/when the time comes and you are ready - ATTACK! So that you may have the incredible story of Success that so many on here have posted.<br />
<br />
In the meantime, my partner is piggy-backing on my success with coffee, offering my long time customers beautiful accessories to go with their healthy coffee.

Thanks for this tip. I knew what I was getting into when I went to the party. I did it to be nice. When the sales person said that this jewelry supported missionary's I wanted to know how much was donated. She did not know. I called the company directly and they said said they don't have to disclose what they do with their money. Sad! I will never go to a home show again because of this. I don't mind helping people that don't lie but I will never give a dime out again to a scam.

Shame on you for implying that Premier Design's claim to give to missionaries is a scam! Premier supports dozens and dozens of missionaries. Our church, Infinity Bible Church, serves the poor in the South Bronx. Thanks to Premier, we provide a first-class after-school program for at risk, inner-city kids. Premier COMPLETELY funds this! They give our church a large gift every year to accomplish this. Just because they don't brag or talk about amounts, does not mean this is some sort of scam. It is called "humility. FYI, Premier gives away MILLIONS of dollars a year to missionaries. That is a major reason that Premier was founded. Once more I say, "Shame on you!"

Premier Designs is not a scam!

I'm sorry this didn't work out for you. I started in February of this year and paid off my investment within the first two shows. I haven't had a show that had a retail of less than $1,000 which means i make about $500 for 3-4 hours work (and that includes setup and tear down time). Getting involved with Premier Designs has totally exceed my expectations!!!

Hello! I recently joined an awesome Jewelery company called Jewel Kade. They only cost $260 for your complete kit! All jewelry is vintage inspired and handmade in Utah. It's really an amazing community of supportive women working for and running this company. They make canvases and custom made canvas photo charms as well. I'm looking for motivated ladies to join my team!! Check out my website and contact me if you are interested. Www.SarahRoberts.JewelKade.com
They also love to do fun promotions every month and giveaways as well as incentive trips! I'm trying to earn my way for their next trip with the ladies which is to a 5 day all inclusive trip to Los Cabot secrets resorts for me and my hubby!! I'm telling you checkout it this company. What's really cool is that not too many people know about them yet, so there's lots of room to grow in your area and create a team. We have about 5,000 stylists in us and canada.

So sorry for your experience, Cynde36. Since there is no mention of them, I assume that you did not have much in the way of support from your sponsor. My wife & I been jewelers with Premier for over 17 years, it has been a wonderful and profitable experience, and we cannot imagine our lives without the friends we have made.

That's a bummer... I too was disappointed when I moved from Texas to Colorado and found there are so many Premier Design reps than I know. I also invested in the catalogs a few times a month and the initial $1200 kit. I was at a neighbors watching a football game and starting talking with someone else from my church about Paparazzi Accessories- where everything is priced for under $5!!! I was BLOWN AWAY! Almost every women will spend $20 for 4 pieces of jewelry and its the same quality, if not better than all the stores at the mall. I quickly realized the potential with this company is much bigger- everyone goes crazy for $5 jewelry! Its sells itself and its such a new company that the competition is much lower for the consultants.... there is a lot of room to grow! Each piece you buy at wholesale for $2.75, sell it for $5 and you pocket $2.25 of that. There are starter kits that save you a ton of $ starting at $300 for 100 pieces of jewelry. There are no catalogs to keep up with or buy and you have permission to sell online-something a lot of direct sales do not allow. There are a ton of ways to sell- basket/lunch parties (you can drop these off and collect later), home parties, craft shows, boutiques, online stores, expos, even Facebook parties, you can get creative with it. There are still less than 25K consultants as they just stated MLM in 2011! Let me know if you're interested. Its the perfect transition!<br />
<br />
Virginia Brewster<br />

What is your commission? Do you make 50%???? That's what we make on EVERY sale as a premier jeweler! Bet you can't say the same......and at $5 a piece, you would have to sell a ton of jewelry to make what I make for ONE show!

I just looked at your jewelry and it does not look like it has the versatility that Premier Designs has.

Wow, I'm really bummed to see people who, clearly, do not know Premier, and clearly did not work their businesses, bashing such a wondrous company. I have been in this business over 2 years and have retired from nursing at the age of 33 because of it. I am now home with my 3 daughters, one of which has extremely special needs. I thank God everyday for bringing this into my life. I do not know what we'd have done without Premier since I was taken out of work my 4th month of pregnancy and was the only income for our family of 5 at the time. I have not been back to work as the baby has had ongoing problems since birth. I encourage anyone who has doubt about this company to research them...dig, dig, dig. You will not find any reputable sources anywhere with anything but positive to say about this company...check their website, the Better Business Bureau, Direct Sellers Association, etc. We have been in business 28 years and counting. You aren't in business that long and able to maintain raving reviews if you are up to no good. It really is a shame to see people on here speaking the things they are speaking...makes me sad to wonder how many women elected to not join Premier as a result of this ridiculous thread...how many lives turned down the opportunity to change their life and the lives of others...so sad. To the person who started this thread...I have no clue why you invested that much money. The absolute top package to get started is about $1200 with taxes and everything...so, if you chose to buy a ton of additional jewelry, that is no fault of Premier...you could have earned it for free. And, Rally is only $160, not $1500...so not sure where that figure came from either, but you can also attend Rally for free with the points from your card...IF you are working your business and earning points on your card. The jewelry will sell itself, IF you show it, IF you work...if you don't, you can't expect it to do the work for you. God Bless.

I experienced the same thing when I got into this business. They retire their jewelry way to quickly !!

I've been a jeweler for 5 years and paid off over $100,000 in debt. Some of you have it wrong regarding new people coming into Premier. The people who sponsor the new people do not make one cent on the kit that the person purchases. The largest kit is almost a $2400 retail value which normal jewelers will get for $1200 if they were to buy it, and it is sold to brand new jewelers for $750. No money is made by the sponsoring jeweler on that kit. Also, Premier is different in that every jeweler makes 50% of sales from the very first piece of jewelry they sell. The sponsoring jeweler makes 10% for 3 levels deep below her and she makes it from the very first woman she sponsors into the business. Those 10% commissions are paid by Premier. The jewelers under her are not paying her that commission from their sales--they are making the 50% they were promised they would make. Premier pays the sponsoring jeweler that additional money. It is the clearest and simplest and most generous marketing plan out there. If you work this business, you make money--and tons of it. Lazy people should work for others because owning your own business and marketing yourself on a regular basis takes work, and is not for those prone to sitting on the couch. You make as much or as little as you put into this business. Plain and simple.

Your first mistake was investing money you did not have; you can sign up with no obligation to buy a kit and you do not have to keep an inventory. You could have used your training show to earn the jewelry for free. Any money I use for my Premier business is documented with a receipt & saved for my accountant. Your second mistake was selling on EBay; which, is not the Premier way. This is a business about keeping it personal with your customers. Third, what you reap is what you sow. You need to work your business or it will not work for you. Last, Premier recently traveled from Texas to Long Island, NY in order to host a dinner for its jewelers who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. They came to offer us hope & encouragement whether we were rebuilding our business, our homes, or both. Aside from raffles offering free renewals and other prizes, they also gave each attending jeweler a $200 jewelry certificate. This is truly a company that cares and gives back.

I am a stay-at-home mother of three who home schools. The only reason this is possible is because I have been able to work in Premier Designs for almost 5 years now. They DO NOT tell us to sponsor anyone into the company, only that we can. The first show I went to, my sponsor didn't even mention about joining, just how she did. I understand people's personalities can be pushy, but the company policy isn't. Do we get a reward if we sponsor, yes. I don't know about many other MLMs, but our down line stops at 3 levels. You make the same percentage from all three. I have never sponsored nor do I want to at this point, but I make twice as much as my "Premier Momma" (including her small percentage of my income) and guess what. That percentage of income doesn't come from my pocket. The 10% of my profit she is given is from Premier itself. Oh, also, she is not given the percentage if she hasn't made a small set amount of money that month. This is the only time a "quota" may be present. The company encourages work ethics, from every jeweler...not sitting around while others slave under them. When the ladies write me a check, give me cash or a credit card number I keep 50% of the sales. There is 1 small fee for a home show to help pay the people responsible for packing & labeling the items(...not me) and 1 if the hostess earns free bonus certificates. I have never paid Premier more than $22 out of my profit(which can seem a lot at some shows & then like absolutely nothing at others). As for the comment about educated or not; I have met multiple people with Masters in childhood education, business management, business relations, music performance, a Doctor & even 1st violinist for the Cincinnati Symphony who work at the salad bar in Kroger or the gas station because the job was open. Sometimes there just isn't a job available. This provides an incredible opportunity to those unable to find the job they are so prepared for, maybe even over-qualified or unqualified. Whether you are educated or not, there is something amazing about being able to pay the bills, pay for groceries, pay for that new car or fixed car, get out of debt(by the way, my husband and I are down to 1 credit card from originally 4), pay for your children's education, and most importantly have the time to spend with them. If I had been able to find the job I was college educated for, I would still be making less in this economy & would NEVER be able to be home with my children during the daytime at all. Whether you're a Christian or not and are educated or not; we can all agree that a company who's policies are 1) "Demanding fairness in EVERY business transaction deal and that we have a higher standard to live up to" 2) "To grow wisely and profitably" 3) "To enrich every life we touch" and 4) "To provide excellent service"; has got a pretty good foundation. Now whether EVERY consultant lives up to these objectives/standards or not, is completely up to the consultant herself(and with a little support from her Premier family). Will there be times when the jewelry is not up to par? Yes, but the company is happy to address our concerns of quality(and most of the time they have already caught it and let us know what is going on). We also have a LIFETIME Replacement Guarantee(called Golden Guarantee) on every piece for manufacturer's defects. If you took your high fashion jewelry back to Macy's or Dillard's I highly doubt they would be willing to replace your piece for just $5 after 60 days. When you pay the little bit more for our pieces, you are paying for a beautiful fashion piece, a wonderful guarantee and(if the consultant is working up to Premier's standards) outstanding personal customer service.

I have been a Premier Jewelry Lady for almost five years and can't agree with anything you have posted as far as my experience goes.

I am so sorry this was your experience.

I am not sure why your initial investment was so much either - I have never seen Premier offer for anyone to join for any more than $1,125 (plus their local tax). And your listed Rally expenses seem a bit high to me as well.

Premier has helped me pay off about $20,000 worth of debt over the past year (along with a full time job) and the support Premier offers if they know you are having a hard time with your business or your personal life is simply amazing. Premier called me when they found out my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and they contacted me again when they found out he passed away 9 months later.

My full time job called me the day of my dad's funeral - but it was to tell me they needed me to be back at work, no mention of caring about me as a person.

I am so sorry that your experience was anything other than stellar with Premier. Please know this is not the typical experience for a jeweler with Premier.

And I need to add that the $1,125 plus tax is the maximum amount of investment to join the company - you can join for less than $400!

I have been a jeweler with Premier for nearly two years and have experienced nothing but good things!

A year ago, I became very ill and had to have brain surgery. My Premier "family" was there for me every step of the way... visiting at the hospital, prayers, helping with my children, maintaining my business... the list goes on.

I lost my full time (well paying) job in September and decided to go full time with Premier. Dont get me wrong, it is not easy!! I have to constantly work to build my business and I have to be cautious about my expenses. As any business owner, I cant spend money I am not making, so if I want new jewelry for my display, I better sell my retired jewelry so I can afford it! Im thankful Premier (and every single other reatiler) releases new products several times per year. It keeps my customers buying!! When you say people dont want to buy the jewelry, that is not true. My retail this past month was nearly $6000... so women are buying jewelry!

In every bit of honesty, I truly hate that Premier didnt work for you. I urge my downline to reach out to me when they need support. I reach out to my upline daily! It seems as though you werent supported as you should have been... or you didnt respond to support. I just wish you would recognize your disappointment as very situational and not consistant with the Premier culture. Premier is debt free and has been in business for 27 years... clearly they are doing something right!

I joined an MLM a year ago. I have days where I think.. I need to work to make my business grow, and I have days where I look back at the money I have spent to "be in business for myself" and I think... Have I made the right decision? I watch others who just seem to excel at the business and wonder... What is their secret? Don't get me wrong, I have done better than I thought I would, but just feel like I am missing something. Reading your post helped me realize I am not the only one with doubts. Thank you for your post.

Get out while you have not lost all your money. Nobody excels at the business as they claim to do. If they do excel it is off the backs of the people on the lower rungs.

MBAMATT...clearly you do not know how Premier works...Nobody makes a dime off \"the people on the lower rungs\" unless those people are also making money...Premier pays us 10% of what you profit...so, no one gets anything off anyone\'s \"back\", unless they are helping you to succeed.

I have purchased Premier Jewelry and I have to say that I was disappointed in it. Oh, it's cute - no argument there. But it's far overpriced for the quality. The earrings I bought were hollow and cheap. Seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that $50 for silverPLATED earrings is a rip off. I have purchased absolutely gorgeous jewelry from Novica for less and it's real silver, hand crafted, hand beaded,etc. Granted, Novica isn't a home party business - so when I purchase Premier I'm usually doing it to help a friend - but let's not pretend that the quality equals the price. It doesn't. I have a friend who sells Premier who is breathing down my neck trying to get me to host a party even though I've said again and again that I'm not interested. That's a turn off for me. If you're into hosting parties and you have enough friends and coworkers who will feel obligated to order pretty but definitely overpriced faux jewels - then you'll probably make a few bucks. If you prefer top quality for your money, I'd look elsewhere.

I have sold Premier for 17 years. I find the quality AND prices to more than outstanding to any department store selling Anne Klein or Monet or any similar high fashion line. N
Regarding costs. The profit from the first
6-8 shows should easily get your initial costs. About all jewelers have an open house to sell the retired pieces which most use to purchase some of the new pieces. You may buy 2 pieces of new or whatever you want. Same with the start up "kit". Have the choice to buy a few pieces to start or two other CHOICES as to what you can or want to invest.

All is tax deductible as you are buying "samples" to show, is NOT inventory. This is definitely a self motivation business. You have to "work" it as you would any business you start up. You will get out of it what you put into it. It is an awesome company for 28 years. If the quality was not there and prices acceptable to customers was not there, again, Premier would not still in business. Without reputable jewelers, outstanding service by the jewelers and the home office staff, Premier would have folded long ago.

Hi Everyone,<br />
<br />
The first person to comment needs to realize some things. If you hadn't made any money and your upline isn't helping you then go above her or call Premier Designs. They are more than willing to help you! The investment is so that people will not come into the company to purchase at 50% and that they want serious people doing the business. Also they give us a substantial discount and having the pieces about $10 per piece. <br />
Also, the jewelry is actually extremely well made. I was at the manufacturing plant to see how they were making the jewelry. That Devon ring is 28 processes to make. Yes you can get any Direct Selling Companie's items anywhere else. The point is not to get cheap stuff somewhere else, its to be able to get something from shopping at home. <br />
Lastly, the company itself is not in it to make tons of money but to help others. I quit my full time job and sold this jewelry like crazy! Women love it!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Plus I sponsored women who want this business as well to become debt free. Thats what it is all about. <br />
<br />
Please do not post stories that mislead people into thinking awful things about Premier Designs. The initial investment is $1145 plus tax at most unless you got both packages. But, I started at the $395 and I now have over 400 pieces. <br />
<br />
Lastly, anyone who has ever said that this business doesn't work means YOU DIDN"T WORK THE BUSINESS!

I totally agree with you! My friend became a Jeweler a bit over a year ago and she managed to pay off credit cards and have money! I am in the process of becoming a Jeweler and if this business is not all that is says to be....like marie 1921 put it 'it would have folded' long time ago. I am not discouraged about the person talking trash about the jewelry or company. I am going to 'work' it as you put it. I liked what you had to say! Some ppl want the easy fix, but I love jewelry, I love wearing it! I think if a woman loves jewelry and loves to wear it...she wouldn't have any problem selling it! Women love jewelry, period! There are some women, like one of my neighbors who was nice enough to even attend my party, told me she does not wear jewelry (and she doesn't), she didn't purchase any but attended so that was nice enough for me. ;) I'm trying to get the $395.00 to become a Jeweler and once I do...I'm not planning on purchasing the other package but work for it. ;) I am very optimistic so wish me luck ladies!

Very well put!

Good luck c63sunflower!! I started without a kit and EARNED free jewelry for my display. I work my butt off to earn free jewelry everytime we have a new line. QuickStart, Joans Rookie Club, Builder, Designer, the list goes on. Premier rewards us FOR DOING OUR JOBS!!! Thats awesome.

I am a new premier jeweler and I am a jewelry lover....I have expensive jewelry and costume jewelry. This jewelry is awesome. It is make wonderfully. I was really impressed when I received my initial order of 70 pieces. Some of the clip accessories need work...not made well, but they are just clips to double up the necklaces etc. <br />
I just came back from vacation where I wore a lot of the pieces and I received so many compliments on the pieces...people wanted to buy everything. I'm excited.<br />
I do believe the company should allow customer credit card purchases through their website etc. Most companies allow their distributors (and pay for them) and their customers to order by credit card without the distributors paying for credit card purchases. This needs to be changed. But other than that....so far so good!

I am so glad you are excited to be a New Jeweler. If you have a problem with your clip its return them under teh Golden Gurantee.
The cost of accepting credit cards froom your customers is minimal and it's also tax deductible.(a cost of doing business since your are in business for yourself(but not by yourself ;-)
Some dcompanies do allow that but you have to look at the small percentage of the sales they are giving to the distributors. The other reason is it takes the most important thing out of the transaction and that is YOU...
You will begin to understand the reasoning as you progress with your business.. I promise Premier works if you do.
I wish you much luck and many blessings over your business

I think the main thing is that this jewelry is overpriced junk. That's the bottom line. Like any other MLM company it relies primarily on the investment of new people in order to expand because the product is sub-par in many regards. Sure you can make money and sure there are some opportunities but when you consider that the top 10% of all wage earners are in the sales industry and then compare that to the wages earned in an MLM you find that you are short changes for the amount of work you do to get the sales. <br />
If the price, product and wages are truly great then you would not have to "invest" money to have the company make money. Do car dealerships force salesmen to buy the car and then sell it? No. It would be insane for Premier jewelry or any other MLM to be in debt seeing as they have little to no overhead. <br />
It may not be a scam but you can make much more money will less work in other areas of sales where the product has real quality and does not rely on further "investments" for new clients to sell the merchandise. <br />
My only other skepticism is the fact that the company spends a great deal of time trying to convince you they are a Christian organization. What constitutes that?

First off! I have been in Professional sales for over 30 years. You call yourself Salesmen35? Sales"man" is one person, Men is plural. FYI.
Professionals do not bad mouth a company or the competion. It's obvious yourcomments are not based on factual knowledge of Premier but you are generalizing for the some reason.
Distributors are not required to purchase any Jewelry.
(Investment)=The purchase of an item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns.
Premier is based on Biblical Principles it is not and does not claim to be a Christian organization.
Sir you are misinformed and ignorant of the facts.
Would love to know what you sell?

Have you purchased Premier Designs Jewelry?

Yikes! What a nasty reply!

yourfavoritejewelrylady gave it to 'salesmen35' in a very professional and well chosen words. Nothing nasty about that! Re-read LuckiestDuck ;)

Salesmen 35 is quite right. If you have been in sales or business then you should know that all MLM's are a scam. I don't care if it is Premier Designs (stand by for the Angels' Choir to sing when that is said), Mary Kay, Avon or Amway.
It does require new people to start selling in order to make any legitimate money so, once again, he is right. What you call "investments" would be considered an inventory purchase by most business except, with an MLM, you only show the stuff and have the customer order from a catalog that can not even be accessed online. Truth be known, these lower rung sales people could make much more money just working part-time at minimum wage in a dollar brand jewelry store.
What he said may have made you mad but it is the truth. The mistake you made was comparing Premier Designs to a legitimate business.

You have NO business correcting anyone's grammar. And salesmen35 is correct.

I manage 35 salesmen, hence the name Salesmen35. You are right, professionals do not usually bad mouth other professional companies but Premier Designs is a legal scam that maintains a profit from fees collected by recruiting other members. Otherwise they would not sell a start up package and encourage an "upline".

I have never taken the time to comment on a message board but I felt compelled after reading all of your comments, salesmen35. I understand your hesitancy to believe there is a reputable company out there that really does what it says. I know I have felt mislead and scammed by many companies. However, I have been an Independent Distributor with Premier Designs for 23 years. It has allowed me the privilege of staying home to raise my children. I have a degree and I am certified to teach. Premier is different. We focus on actually SELLING the product, not on using our own sales force to purchase the product. I have seen countless people succeed in this business. If they retail the product, they can make a nice income without ever signing anyone up to work this business. The issue is that not everyone is cut out to be self employed. I have said the best thing about my job is that I am my own boss...and the worst thing about my job is that I am my own boss. Some people just give themselves too many days off. It is hard to self motivate and to stay engaged year after year. but that is true with any business owner. You will get out of Premier what you put into Premier. Premier is a member of the DSA, which has very high standards that companies must meet. In my experience, I have made over $120,000 a year, met lifelong friends, been recognized for simply doing my job, and grown so much as a salesperson, public speaker, and teacher. Our company is founded on Biblical principles and integrity in our people is our most important goal. Premier does support mission to the tune of millions of dollars, but they don't publicize that. They share projects they are helping with when we go to our conventions. We get to meet the missionaries and people that we all support through the work we do with Premier. I know that a message from a stranger on a computer screen will not prove anything to you, but would you even consider that maybe Premier IS unique? There are a lot of unethical companies out there and they do much damage to those companies that are doing the right thing. I have been to Premier conventions every single year and I have NEVER heard them talk about dollar amounts, or money at all. You will not ever hear someone step up to the microphone and say what their earnings are. You will hear training on how to serve customers and hostesses. You will hear how to help people reach goals. We have hosted incredible Christian writers and speakers and singers. Premier does this because they want to encourage people and provide hope. I know it all sounds too good to be true, but in my 23 years it has been true. I can promise you Premier is not a scam, and that we have many, many successful people in our company.

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I am so sorry that your expectations were not met. That is what all disappointments boil down to. One thing that I need to point out to you is that this is not the fault of Premier. You signed up in March and spent an excessive amount of money. You say you spent $1500 for Rally (I can't quite figure out how that happened), you bought new jewelry, and NOW you feel ready to start (in October)? I wish that your upline would have tried to reign you in in terms of your spending. Maybe better guidance would have helped but common sense says that you shouldn't be spending money on a business you aren't working. <br />
As for the best place to buy the jewelry is on ebay...You are right, they do not get the guarantee. They also do not get the FREE jewelry either. They do not have a jewelry lady there to help them with any issues. They do not get in on great jewelry lady deals when the new line comes out. They do not get to hear or experience the difference that Premier offers in customer service and spreading hope. You miss out on so many benefits when you buy into the line that online is better. This is why the company does not advertise or sell the jewelry online. Jewelers are not to be selling the jewelry online b/c it goes against what Premier stands for--sharing more than jewelry with ladies! <br />
I agree with the comment above. If you are still an active jeweler, I suggest you get in touch with a different group of jewelers and start learning how they have built a successful business that does NOT put them into debt. The company is debt free and you can be to if you do it right. You don't buy another piece until you've sold one of equal value off your table. <br />
<br />
THese people who keep saying we sell it as "sterling silver plated"...I have NEVER said this. We sell silver and gold plated jewelry. It is NOT costume jewelry. It is a much much higher quality. It is NOT fine jewelry. You will not will it to your children. It is high fashion jewelry that is sold at an affordable price with a great guarantee and personal service. Is it similar to other designers' jewelry? Yep...jewelry is an accessory. If follows trends. Just like clothes tend to look similar from designer to designer, or cars, or houses, or hairstyles...jewelry is meant to change with the trends. IT doesn't mean they are ripping off some other designer's ideas. Just b/c you see something similar in Walmart or online doesn't mean it is the same quality either. Trends trickle down to all levels of jewelry. <br />
This jewelry is from a company that loves to give, not just $$ to jewelers but free product to hostesses. Premier supports over 100 missionaries worldwide as well as mission groups here in the states. They are one of the highest rated direct selling companies! <br />
Premier can meet your needs if you actually work your business. Get in touch with the home office. They will put you in touch with a new upline jeweler who can help you get your spending and expectations straightened out so that Premier can become a steady stream of income for you. It is up to you to do the leg work. If you work, Premier works. And, no, you are not paying your upline's car payment. This isn't a pyramid scheme. You can make more money than your upline at any point! <br />
Seriously...call the home office. They are there to serve you and support you in any way they can!

Very well said nataliemangis!!! :) I applaud you!! You gals really are motivating me!! ;)

First of all I am not sure why your initial investment was $1600, even with the Gold package your total investment would only be $1200. And $1500 for Rally? That's insane, Rally tix are $160, airfare (at least for me from MI) is about $350, and we have 3 or 4 ladies sharing a room for 3 nights. Almost all meals are provided by Premier while you are there, transportation is provided by Premier. Why on earth would you purchase another $900 in samples after Rally? I usually give myself a limit of $250 for new samples, which if you went to Rally would have actually gotten you over $600 of jewelry. Premier, like any company, requires investments into your business. I have been in Premier for 6 years and do not work my business very much at all since I already work full time but haven't lost money since I started. I am sorry for your experience but it sounds like your sponsor did not do a good job!

I am with you I just can't figure out how anyone's initial investment would be $1600.
And Rally Cost $1500? Wow..

Me too! I have a great sponsor who is truly guiding me and telling me that there is no need to spend all that money! She said that's the mistake she made and she doesn't want that to happen to me. She's a great friend too! She said she wished her sponsor would have been more truthful. So I thank God for my friend.

Unfortunately, mismanagement of money, will always hurt any business whether big or small. <br />
This is a debt free company, because they don’t spend more than they make. I don’t know of many companies that can say this.<br />
One of the many messages at Rally, which I was also at, was start your business “Debt Free”, this is why they offer their “quick start” as an initiative, that offers free jewelry.<br />
Do some of us have to “borrow” money from somewhere to start? Yes, but you pay that off with your first shows, they stressed that very much.<br />
<br />
A NEW jeweler is never obligated to buy any of their packages. Sure it’s nice to have the jewelry all up front, but if you don’t then just work harder to “earn” it for free.<br />
I’ve come to know many jewelers who started with no packages and now have MORE jewelry than I do! (GOOD FOR YOU LADIES!)<br />
We are also not obligated to go to Rally, or buy from the new line.<br />
<br />
I've been a jeweler for over a year. I also invested in the big package and some other business necessities. I however, was able to pay off my debt within my "quick start". I did this by not spending my profits and not investing more than I really needed to. <br />
<br />
Reading through all the complaints on this site, I see that Premier is being blamed for many things that are out of their control. Sponsors that misrepresent the company and so forth. See the problem isn't the company itself, but how people seem to be suckered into something, or how new jewelers invest all this money that they do not have. Or maybe because they are not given all the info up front about certain things. This is not the company’s fault but rather the sponsor and maybe even us new jewelers for not asking more questions, that includes me.<br />
I’m truly saddened to hear that you had such a bad experience with such a wonderful company. <br />
<br />
I do wish you would have heard the real message at Rally though. I wish you could have seen all this company does to help and to bring people to God. And as Andy said, “not all of you are going to understand his message”. But the ones that do, I truly feel the blessings will be plentiful.<br />
<br />
I have to thank you and others on this site though, for letting many Premier “mom’s” “grandmas” and “great-grandmas” know the way they misrepresent this company. And that in turn makes the company look bad. I’ve only sponsored one person. I’m taking it slow and working my business the way I want. I’m in control. I didn’t want to sponsor anyone until I was ready. After reading many of these posts…believe it or not, I’m more than ready to spread the good word about Premier and start sponsoring! I want to represent this company the way it should be. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m misleading anyone. This is a big decision for anyone to make, so people need to know, this isn’t a “lets-get-rich-quick-scheme”, but a business you have to work hard at. They need to know all of their options and not be pressured into anything. <br />
<br />
The jewelry? It’s beautiful! Is some of it faulty? Will some break? Yes of course. I love that guarantee! Can I get it cheaper somewhere else? Sure! <br />
You can get jewelry from Jerod Online too I’m sure…lol. The point is, this is a business, that provides incomes to families…to single mom’s….to many out there.<br />
With technology the way it is today, I can buy anything off of ebay and pay a fraction of the cost. But I still won’t do it. Does that make me less smart? If it does, then so be it.<br />
I went to a pampered chef party the other day. Can I buy the same thing at the dollar store? Sure! But I left feeling really good that I supported someone trying to make an honest living.<br />
I hope I’m getting my point across properly, I’m not always good with my words… or conveying the message I want.<br />
<br />
If your still an active jeweler, I hope that you give premier another chance, even if it’s just to make your investment back.<br />
Perhaps you can find another jeweler (doesn’t have to be part of your upline) that has your best intentions at heart, that can help you out.<br />
Are there trainings in your area? If not I would be so happy to send you information that would greatly help you. Not all sponsors are the same.<br />
There are MANY out there willing to help a sister jeweler.<br />
<br />
Many blessings,<br />
A very happy Jeweler!

Loved how you explained it too!! Makes me very hopeful! I will become a Jeweler soon and will be collecting my jewelry free as I begin. I am not buying any packages! Don't have the money and no need for it anyway. I love the jewelry!! I love it's guarantees and so on. No business is perfect. I will do my very best and work my very hardest. I have 4 yr old twins and I'm a stay at home mom and this will be so perfect for me!

I am so sorry for your experience. Mulitlevel Marketing is something with which few individuals break even. Even those who are successful in the first 3 months & "in love" with the company, will find , when they come to their senses, that they just made their upline's car payment on a regular basis. Following is my experience as a consumer. People need to be warned.<br />
<br />
First off, you can find costume jewelry of the same caliber for a much cheaper cost almost ANYWHERE. You are paying extra to "support" your "jeweler" or hostess. <br />
Secondly, "Sterling silver plate", as the company sells it, does not exist. It is simply silverplate. "Sterling silver" indicates that a piece is solid silver. "Silverplate" means that an inferior metal has had silver plated onto it. Additionally, the stones are not real, despite whatever "fancy" name is bewtowed upon them. <br />
Thirdly (and this is the part that really gets my goat) this company purports to be "Christian-ba<x>sed", yet, like any other MLM scam, brainwashes its reps to aggressively pursue their current relationships to "build their team". If you don't buy in, goodbye to what you thought was a friendly relationship. I have had longtime friends refuse to see me unless I was going to host a (insert company name) party for them- "But you get free (insert product)!! Why wouldn't you want to do that??" Using people- in its most basic form- can't even be considered polite, let alone Christian.<br />
The above comments are representative of the company, but I truly hope my most greivous complaint is specific to one "jeweler", and that is this quote, "We know our business has been blessed because it has been so successful. We have even gotten into the [racial] community & they will open up Premier credit cards and spend like crazy". Who says that??? Really???

First of all "gettoknowyourproduct" you should get to know your company too! If you dont have first hand knowledge you cant comment credibly. First you do make money above your investment in this company! Second this company is very clear on their description of jewelry and it is not fine jewelry it is high fashion jewery. There is a difference. Third this is a christian company. There is no pressure , quotas, or anything. You do as much or as little as you want. If there has been any relationships messe up because of premier it wasnt the company but the people in the relationships to begin with! People are only as good as there own values and convictions not Premiers! And as to comments people make ...it is people not Premiers values or comments!!!! It is sad that a few bad jewelers can spoil the experience for so many! We don't live in aperfect world and such it is what it is but Premier isa fabulous company. Get the real facts!

All MLM's are the same. There are a few of us here with college degrees in business. You won't find college educated business people ever say, "Hey join this MLM and give them your money to sell their stuff and make them more money."

I am reposting my response to salesmen35. I understand your hesitancy to believe there is a reputable company out there that really does what it says. I know I have felt mislead and scammed by many companies. However, I have been an Independent Distributor with Premier Designs for 23 years. It has allowed me the privilege of staying home to raise my children. I have a degree and I am certified to teach. Premier is different. We focus on actually SELLING the product, not on using our own sales force to purchase the product. I have seen countless people succeed in this business. If they retail the product, they can make a nice income without ever signing anyone up to work this business. The issue is that not everyone is cut out to be self employed. I have said the best thing about my job is that I am my own boss...and the worst thing about my job is that I am my own boss. Some people just give themselves too many days off. It is hard to self motivate and to stay engaged year after year. but that is true with any business owner. You will get out of Premier what you put into Premier. Premier is a member of the DSA, which has very high standards that companies must meet. In my experience, I have made over $120,000 a year, met lifelong friends, been recognized for simply doing my job, and grown so much as a salesperson, public speaker, and teacher. Our company is founded on Biblical principles and integrity in our people is our most important goal. Premier does support mission to the tune of millions of dollars, but they don't publicize that. They share projects they are helping with when we go to our conventions. We get to meet the missionaries and people that we all support through the work we do with Premier. I know that a message from a stranger on a computer screen will not prove anything to you, but would you even consider that maybe Premier IS unique? There are a lot of unethical companies out there and they do much damage to those companies that are doing the right thing. I have been to Premier conventions every single year and I have NEVER heard them talk about dollar amounts, or money at all. You will not ever hear someone step up to the microphone and say what their earnings are. You will hear training on how to serve customers and hostesses. You will hear how to help people reach goals. We have hosted incredible Christian writers and speakers and singers. Premier does this because they want to encourage people and provide hope. I know it all sounds too good to be true, but in my 23 years it has been true. I can promise you Premier is not a scam, and that we have many, many successful people in our company. In Premier, you can "out earn" the people who have been in the organization much longer than you. I have ladies working with me who have been associated with Premier for just a few years who make more money than me and my 23 years. It boils down to individual goals and work ethic.

Is it possible to maintain and even grow your business by simply hosting facebook parties or magazine parties?

Because I'm working on my Masters I don't know that I'll have a ton of time to do in home parties (at least at first)...

I could have written gettoknowyourproduct's review. I can attest from interactions with multiple Premier reps that this is extraordinarily indicative of Premier's sell. Incidentally, MBAMATT is dead-on: Premier &amp; companies like it prey on either uneducated people or the dissatisfied, financially-hungry "educated", but you usually can't tell the difference- they all seem to be cut from the same cloth. Again, my "real facts" from "real experience" with Premier.
Please note your argument is not aided by its multiple exclamation marks, the use of "values" or "convictions" in a plea, &amp; egregious grammatical errors (contractions require apostrophes, as do possessive proper nouns; "there" is generally used as an adverb, "their" is a possessive pronoun- oh, I could go on).

Im college educated, MBAMATT. My resume is exceptional and Ive held many director level positions. I make THE SAME now (with Premier as my full-time "job"), but I work much less, Im home with my kids, Im not stressed out, and I help other women to contribute finacially to their families. This company DOES WORK, and Im proof of that. Does every woman who starts her jewelry business make gobs of $$ each year? Nope. Does every college grad make gobs of money each year?? Nope. Income with Premier is in direct relation to effort, just as it is in any other field.

Direct Sales = MLM = Barely legal pyramid scheme. If you make the same amount it is because someone on you lower line is losing. That is plain and simple. With a truly successful company everyone makes money. With an MLM those that make very good money do so because they are able to siphon off the start up fees from the lower lines. Just admit it, you were either duped or you make money in a morally questionable way by scamming someone else.

I think you just called the 15.6 million people in the US that are working in this industry stupid or immoral. We were "duped" and are "morally questionable" and we make money "scamming others". Wow! Those are pretty broad assumptions you are making. Are you also saying the $30 billion in sales is dirty money. Do you also think the 74% of Americans who do business with us are stupid or corrupt? If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you do for a living?

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