I was surfing the web looking for fun trivia facts and this is what a I find! People bashing Premier Designs. Well let me tell you, there isn't a finer, family-oriented, faith-based, committed to helping others company out there.

So let's look at some possibilities, shall we? First, if you are having ANY problems with ANY piece of jewelry, it is your responsibility to contact SOMEONE and let them know. Whether it be the Jewelry Lady that you bought it from or the Premier Designs home office at Phone: (800) 486-7378. If you are having trouble with your jewelry lady, tell Premier. How would they know if you are having problems unless you tell them. Next, items received not being the quality of the items you saw at a show? How is that possible? We as jewelry ladies receive the exact piece of jewelry that you do. Now it is possible that a manufacturing improvement may have been made and that that is the item you received, i.e. Girl Power Bracelet.

Premier Designs does not claim to be solid gold or silver. We carry high fashion jewelry. That means we use yellow gold and silver (it cannot be called sterling unless it is 92.5% or higher) layered over a base metal(s). And yes, body chemistry does play a major factor in how the jewelry finish holds up. If you wear your pieces daily, especially if it is silver-plated, you must clean it at least 2x a week to remove any dirt, sweat or oils. A simple solution of mild dish soap works just fine. Scratches on the items are NOT a manufacturing defects, they are considered wear and tear, so again, follow the 5 "s" rules (do not swim, sweat, shower, sleep or spray) and your pieces will last.

And lastly...complaining about $4 for s/h. I simply explain it to my hostesses that it covers the packaging of each individual item by hand, placed in a box with a label attached showing the Jewelry Lady's name and the name of the person who ordered it, the postage to deliver it and INSURANCE. Try finding all that for $4 anywhere.

Now you may have just caught me off guard with all this negative and I apologize for that, but no one is going to take a great company like Premier and trash it on my watch!
blingdiva blingdiva
Jan 23, 2013