Premier Jewelry Is a Scam

I hosted a show recently and was so excited about all the incentives!   Not one piece of jewelry was what I had been shown!      The pieces I received were of a lower quality. I'll be at a show on Saturday March 11 to compare my jewelry to the "showcase" jewelry the designer begins. Oh and the best part, a local tv ancor and a hidden camera will be there.  i can't wait. Please don't be scammed!!!!!!! be careful

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I don't know what happened to you but I have had and have been to several parties and every item was beautiful and all my ladies who have come to or had a party loved it

MLM is always scam. Also why should anyone expect me who works hard 40 hours/5 days a week for the money I earn to support your part time work lifestyle? I dislike all MLM businesses for this reason. One more thing - why do people want to waste money on junk? Buy 1 or two true pieces like a strand of pearls. They will last you generations.

I have been a hostess several times over and the jewelry is of very high quality. I am now a jeweler and my pieces are the same, as a matter of fact, I can incorporate my pieces I bought as a hostess into my show jewelry with no differences. So, bring the cameras, there is no SCAM, just lovely jewelry, fun, and friendship!

I misunderstood, she was comparing her hostess gift to the actual Premier Jewelry. Either way, several of the other ladies have given the correct responses. Thank you ladies.

Agree 100%

First of all, Premier Designs Jewelry is not a scam! The hostess gifts are ordered from a "hostess incentive" page. Do you really expect a jeweler to buy you a $30-50 gift of show jewelry? Most Hostesses are very happy to get their special gift that only a hostess can get. Not to mention, you got 30% of your sales in FREE jewelry....OF YOUR CHOICE! Plus several pieces at half price!!!! If you're going to be SOOOO ungrateful, then just give the gift back!

Well spoken

I am a jeweler for premier designs. I started work with this company to of coarse supplement my income but to serve people. The jewelers samples come from the same warehouse the customers jewelry comes from. Premier has a Golden Guarantee that is awesome. If there is a flaw you can always contact your jeweler to have it replaced or if it's not what you expected you have a week to return & get a piece at equal or less value. If your jeweler is not longer with the company any jeweler would be happy to do so for you if you have your receipt. If you went to a department store & purchased a piece & there is a defect or it breaks they do not exchange or refund purchase amount. I'd like to know the outcome of your show with the news anchor? Was there a story? Or did she become a customer?

Simply not true! ... I have been a customer for a year ...loved the jewelry so much that I hosted a party which was very much out of my comfort zone-loved it! Loved all the free jewelry I got!... Decided to become a jeweler myself just a month ago... Jewelry sells itself because it's beautiful and quality is very consistent.... If anyone receives a piece and it's not looking like it did in the catalogue premier will replace it with something else that a customer would's a great company to work for with outstanding unique product!...

I've been buying Premier Jewelry for about 20 years and have never been disappointed. Only twice in 20 years have I needed to send a broken piece back and they stood behind their guarantee 100%. I have a jewelry box full of Premier and it's the best quality costume jewelry you can buy anywhere. And I'm NOT a distributor, just a customer.

My Premier jewelry was beautiful when I first purchased it. Over time, both the silver and gold pieced have tarnished. I've used tarnish remover and the Premier tarnish remover cloth. It doesn't work. I have a lot of Premier Jewelry that I cannot wear anymore. :( So, I am very disappointed and I don't buy it anymore. I've invested quite a bit of my money in Premier Jewelry. I feel that my money has been wasted on the product.

Whoever posted this must be upset with that & just an FYI it is against the law to do that. so when you get cause take your mugshot WEARING PREMIER!!

Very good lol

I own several pieces of Premier Designs jewelry. I find every single piece I own to be quite lovely! You're not buying gold or silver, obviously, but it is nice fashion jewelry. I have been to a few Premier Designs jewelery parties and the jewelry I have ordered is the same quality as what I saw at the party.

In 90s was decent and held up. New pieces from two months ago r literally falling apart. No more of this .....I can get this level of quality at Target and better quality at same price at Dillards or Norstrom.

I just had a party and ordered a lot of jewelry from them, my order was delivered in a little less than a week after closing, all the pieces were the exact quality that my jeweler had on display. Did you know your jeweler personally, or go to one of their shows previously?

I think it is true as a sales rep for any home party....soon your friends hide for fear of feeling guilty not buying. In today's economy. This is not cheap merchandise! A friend or family member are not here to finance my living. Don't see how many feel comfortable with this... Yes, please come over for fun, laughs and snacks My door is open for<br />
The good times, sad times but not for you to leave with a purchase. I think home parties are tacky!

You were never a Premier Designs Hostess and especially never a Jewelry Lady for Premier Designs Jewelry. I tracked your computer ip and got your address & name a few months after you posted this. Just stumbled on it again and thought I would let you know I know who you are.

That's a bummer... I too was disappointed when I moved from Texas to Colorado and found there are so many Premier Design reps than I know. I also invested in the catalogs a few times a month and the initial $1200 kit. I was at a neighbors watching a football game and starting talking with someone else from my church about Paparazzi Accessories- where everything is priced for under $5!!! I was BLOWN AWAY! Almost every women will spend $20 for 4 pieces of jewelry and its the same quality, if not better than all the stores at the mall. I quickly realized the potential with this company is much bigger- everyone goes crazy for $5 jewelry! Its sells itself and its such a new company that the competition is much lower for the consultants.... there is a lot of room to grow! Each piece you buy at wholesale for $2.75, sell it for $5 and you pocket $2.25 of that. There are starter kits that save you a ton of $ starting at $300 for 100 pieces of jewelry. There are no catalogs to keep up with or buy and you have permission to sell online-something a lot of direct sales do not allow. There are a ton of ways to sell- basket/lunch parties (you can drop these off and collect later), home parties, craft shows, boutiques, online stores, expos, even Facebook parties, you can get creative with it. There are still less than 25K consultants as they just stated MLM in 2011! Let me know if you're interested. Its the perfect transition!

Virginia Brewster

I looked up Paparazzi, was not impressed. There is hardly anything in their catalog I would wear. I am 40yrs. old not 20, and nothing worth wearing. I want something stylish and age appropriate and Premier offers all that and more.

I am a jewelry designer in New Orleans and am looking to launch into the home party business. My work WILL appeal to you who it seen has a more sophisticated taste and is looking for quality rather than quantity. If you have any suggestion on how to reach people like you and I, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way is through my facebook page. Check out The Cat Nap Company and LIKE my page and drop me a line! Thanks, Pam

Premier is different. If you were a Premier jeweler you know their heart is people, not profit. They use jewelry as an ends to a means and that is to enrich the life of every person that they touch. I've visited the manufacturing plant and after seeing the quality that goes into the jewelry I'm surprised they can sell it for what they do. I also love the fact that we have a golden guarantee. With it being hand made, things do happen and when they do Premier takes care of it.
I've never worked with a better company. Of course, everyone is different. I love the personal touch and their attentiveness to people but at the same time allowing me to make a GREAT profit! NO other marketing plan compares.

And that jewelry looks like it cost $2.75. I wouldn't buy that stuff from the dollar store. .. Unless it was for a child. I have several pieces from Premier with no issues whatsoever. And I even spray my perfume on AFTER putting on my jewelry. It's fine if you hate Premier, but please don't try to pretend that Paparazzi is even close in quality.

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Lol at everyone saying premier jewelry is quality especially the "gemologist", its plated crap...but to each their own I guess

Check the BBB for Premier Designs Jewelry and then check any other direct distributor in the US. No one comes close to the A+ rating Premier Designs has and you don't get that rating if you have or sell a bad product of any kind, especially jewelry. Sorry to see you are such a poor, uneducated and socially disabled person.


I am a jewelry designer in New Orleans and am looking to launch into the home party business. My work WILL appeal to you who it seen has a more sophisticated taste and is looking for quality rather than quantity. If you have any suggestion on how to reach people like you and I, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way is through my facebook page. Check out The Cat Nap Company and LIKE my page and drop me a line! Thanks, Pam

Found the address on
Premier Designs Inc
(972) 550-0955
1551 Corporate Dr Ste 150
Irving, TX 75038
Premier Designs has been in business for 28 years. I bought jewelry from a friend 25 years ago who was a Premier Design Jeweler. I did have a piece fade and Premier stood by their guarantee and replaced it. Nice jewelry and great company.

There is definitely a physical address for Premier. I am an independent sales distributor for Premier Designs and I mail things directly to them and get things directly from them as well. I call them all of the time and they answer the phone "How may I serve you?" Just so you know, each piece of jewelry is hand made by Premier Designs. Plus, most of the profit goes towards charities and mission trips. I have over 70 pieces of jewelry from Premier Designs and they are of the highest quality of jewelry I have ever owned. For a great price too! Other jewelry companies are solely focused on just making profit. Premier Designs is people before profit always. Other companies charge a fortune, Premier Designs has the best hostess plan and hostess benefits out there. I was able to give my last hostess $400 in free jewelry. Please, I'm just saying, Premier Designs in most certainly not a scam. It has completely changed my husband's and my life. I'm no longer worried about paying the bills.

I just want to testify that I am proud of my Premier Jewelry and have a friendship with my Premier Jewelry Lady. The overt anger that the blogger has expressed sounds genuine. She must have a little "activist" blood in her and wants to bring down "the man". What can I say, she has the right to investigate but I hope she finds a transparent company who will be blessed by the confrontation in the long run. I happen to be attending a jewelry party tonight and I'm excited!

I checked out their website. There is no physical address for this company and no telephone number listed. I'm not saying they scam people, but c'mon no contact info.

You can only log into the website if you are an Independent Sales Distributor yourself. I am and I am able to contact them personally.

I just checked the website and beg to differ. There is a home office address, a mailing address, a toll-free phone number, and a link to contact them.

Their phone number is on every single catalog they print. If you think Premier is a scam, you obviously don't know anything about them.

I am shocked - I have several pieces of Premier Designs jewelry and it lasts, is durable, beautiful, the hostesses are very, VERY wonderful and HONEST! did it go? did you get the expose you were looking for, or just debunk your own opinion? Just curious.....

I have purchased quite a few items from premier and they are very nice. Not top quality but fun pieces. I think a tad bit higher in price but no one twists your arm. I do not consider the sales people jewelers just honest women making a honest living.

We may have freedom of speech as part of our Constitution, but you can also be sued for "libel" when what your choose to write is false. I would suggest removing this post because it is entirely false.

It isn't false lol, premier designs is a scam; the hostest receive sub par jewlery for the shows they hold under the actual jeweler, and the jeweler has to pay a yearly entry fee and pay for the magazines to present. Um Pyramid scheme???

IF you can go around and sell the product for FREE, if you can't post the product online and attempt to further the selling process... Lol if you have to pay to sell there product, yeah. SCAM

It's an independent business.. Of course you have to pay to sell their product. Just like Mary Kay, Avon or any other Independent Sales company...

First off the jewelry we sell is the same exact jewelry our customers get, I even sell off my table if the need it before next week. So the quality of the jewelry isn't any different than what you see at a jewelry show. Second, If you own your own business, don't you have to pay a manufacturer to manufacture the product for you!?! Unless you make it where you sell it, most companies have a plant miles away making their products for them, they buy, then resell. So the fact that we have to pay to sell the jewelry should be a big DUH. When I make $2,000-$3,000 a month for working less than 10 hours, I don't really mind the annual fee, and apparently millions of other Premier Designs jewelry ladies don't either. Premier is the total opposite of a pyramid scheme, we're not a cut throat company, and us jewelers absolutely aren't on the bottom of a pyramid. It saddens me that you hate on Premier so much, but you obviously don't know anything about it. While your at it, take an economics class...

YOU CANNOT SELL THE JEWELRY YOU BUY! and the company uses MLM strategies to stay in business. You personally may have made a decent amount running your business, but %95 of your 'coworkers' or 'partners' did not. Your personal gain for someone else's loss is terrible. Go feel good for yourself.

If you own your own business you pay the manufacturer and then sell the product. Not pay the manufacturer, then sell catalog product and your stuff with $500s or more worth of actual product.

It Is a SCAM!

I have done my research and seen people go homeless, jobless, and in debt because of businesses like this. You should be ashamed.

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I bought 3 pieces last year or so, maybe 2 years. But one of my rings faded rusted around the ring I loved the ring but feels uncomfortable wearing it. They both are very pretty. but wanted to see if im stuck with them or am i able to exchange them?

You can always exchange your jewelry. Premier has a lifetime golden guarantee. Find a premier jeweler and let her know that you would like to exchange and she will help you out.

this is far from the truth. You either had a bad experience with a false seller or you were not buying premier jewelry. I do not sell premier but am a frequent buyer I have always gotten the product I was shown and paid for. I am sorry you had a bad experience but don't fault the company for an individual seller.

I just started as a premier designs jeweler. I am in college and my full-time job makes me about 16k a year. I live with my fiance that make quite a bit of money (70K). The money I make at my full time job is hardley enough to live on after paying bills. Everyone says oh well get a better paying job. Yeah, that is almost impossible because my school schedule changes every six weeks. Premier has helped me double my money in a week. Sometime I make more money doing a show then a do a week at my 40hr a week job. Yes the start up fee was a little high but I used the jeweler rewards credit card which is only helping me build up my credit. This is not something I will be doing as a full time job for the rest of my life but PD is helping me pay for college so I can acheive my goals and have my dream job as an occupational therapist.

I have been a gemologist for over 30 yrs.
Premier Designs jewelry is the finest made in America.
I also have chosen to offer this high fashion product to my clientele for travel and gift purchases. 19 yrs now in fact. I don't know this woman of have never had anyone state the things she has.. she is a anomaly. Premier Designs Has received multi national awards for business ethics and principal....
ignore this woman post.

You're a gemologist? Really? Where did you study? And the "finest made" in America? Okay. That's believable..... Tiffany, anyone? Shane company? Come oooooonnn.

Please stop calling yourselves 'jewelers'. You are salespeople.

Jewelers is the term that Premier Designs calls its sales people, and God Bless you.

There is nothing inaccurate about calling ourselves "jewelers". According to the Google dictionary
1. a person or company that makes or sells jewels or jewelry.

But you don't make or sell it, you advertise it. No jewelry goes to your hand into the hands of your buyers.

When there jewelry starts to die, I will feel bad for the hundreds of dollars some people will lose.

What in the world are you even talking about?!?! The whole reason we have Jewelry shows in people's home, instead of Premier selling it in a store, is so we do physically show, sell and give people jewelry "hand in hand". And, I have seen pieces of Premier jewelry that my customers pull out of their jewelry box AT their HOME, that is 20 years old and they are bragging on it to their guest of how it looks just as good as it did 20 years ago. IF, the jewelry starts to have any damage that isn't normal wear and tear, Premier replaces it, no questions asked. Can you name ANY company in the world that will replace a 20 year old necklace with a brand new one?!?! Also, the jewelry comes with a piece of paper saying not to sweat or swim in your jewelry, so if you don't get it wet and follow the long care instructions, your jewelry will last. We are not selling 14k gold diamond jewelry, but we are also not selling "costume" jewelry you would get at Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Target, etc. If you take care of your things, they will last. You must have a very pessimistic spirit to hate on a company you know nothing about.

Do you not see the thousand of people in your company losing money? Do you not understand that with the MLM strategy your company has there is a %100 Greentree SOMEONE will NOT make any profit and actually lose money.

I love you false 'optimism' but the reality is you are working for a company that went in debt years ago, and has found a way to stay above water by taking the money out of the pocket of millions of our every day workers. Go feel good for yourself while I try and help the newly found homeless, debt ridden, and struggling families because of this business.

If the smartest person in the world told you that you were wrong, I would listen. So obviously I do not expect you to listen to me. But when, the smartest people in the world start to tell you that you are wrong. Id second guess who you think you are working for.

The complex marketing strategy the company has is in play so the every day woman does not realizes she is being scammed.

Go get a radioactive machine that checks what material you jewelry is made out of and then you might understand.

Go learn so math and maybe you'll see that your companies approach to how the product is sold has a definite reason.

MLM = SCAM end of story.

Premier design along side quite a few other jeweler companies use some form of a pyramid scheme to stay in business.

There is a limiting factor and that is the population. Learn your economics. *****.

Plus it is always fun to waste your time.

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This is really sad. I am so sorry but I can promise you that if you were indeed tricked or scammed it was not Premier Designs. They have so much integrity that if you called the company instead on taking this route they would have investigated the person who you think was a fraud and helped you in anyway possible. I have been a jeweler for 8 years and have never dealt with any other company who truly have people as there number asset. They put God first and profit second. This is what Premier is really about so I hope you have the opportunity to experience this for yourself someday. It really breaks my heart when someone has a negative experience from a jeweler who doesn't really model premiers true purpose and plan. Praying for you to achieve peace and happiness with whatever you choose.