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Premier Jewelry Is a Scam

I hosted a show recently and was so excited about all the incentives!   Not one piece of jewelry was what I had been shown!      The pieces I received were of a lower quality. I'll be at a show on Saturday March 11 to compare my jewelry to the "showcase" jewelry the designer begins. Oh and the best part, a local tv ancor and a hidden camera will be there.  i can't wait. Please don't be scammed!!!!!!! be careful

Ariydan Ariydan 31-35 210 Responses Apr 4, 2009

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Premier Designs is high end costume jewelry. Gold and silver plated. I think for costume jewelry it is beautiful and well made. I have a lot of their jewelry from buying from them for over 8 years. You have to take good care of it if you wasn't it to last just like anything else in life. My first pieces from over 8 years ago still look beautiful. I get so many compliments when wearing them. You can't wear them in water, to bed, while putting on hairspray, or anything like that if you want them to last. As soon as I talk it off I put it away in my jewelry box. My jewelry lady explained all of that at my first party. She was the first one to say it is costume jewelry and if you want it to last you have to take care of it. I think some of these people think they are buying real stones in real gold and silver. Do you think it would be that cheap for something with all the details and stones if they were real. Use your heads ladies. Love Premier and all of my friends do also.

Ummm hello..... over 30 years and running strong as a company is CLEARLY NOT A SCAM. Premier Designs Jewelry is not a newbie company.

I signed up for this company after getting scammed, I lost a lot of money and people don't want to have the parties this company has you do. They limit how you can sell the product and I stayed on and kept renewing just to have the discount to be able to buy if half price. It is a scam, you don't make money you spend money and spend money trying to make the money back, don't fall for it. On top of that the lady that signed me up, my jewelry "mom" wanted to scam off me the person I signed up just because I was new. Shady crap going on with Premier Designs. Don't fall for it it's a bunch of people disguised as God loving Christians and scamming on people while they are at it!!!!!

I'm sorry your don't feel like the jewelry was what you had been shown. There is a policy that states you can exchange your jewelry for anything else in the catalog if it was not as you expected. I have been with Premier Designs for 7 1/2 years and I have found then jewelry to be WAY nicer then most comparable high fashion jewelry your will find and I know personally (having been to manufacturing) that they adhere to VERY high standards when it comes to the industry. The jewelry that jewelers purchase come out of the same stacks that customers receive. If you had a problem with it you should contact your consultant so she can fix the problem. She most likely went over out guarantee during you party and should have mentioned these things. If she didn't they are stated on your receipt. Premier Designs is NOT a scam, You are NOT a jewelry lady as you stated in the title. When you have a problem with a company, you should give them the opportunity to help you (seeing as though she didn't even see your jewelry before you received it, how would she know you weren't pleased or that it was different then expected).

I recently went to a party hosted by a friend. I did purchase a simple pair of pearl earrings. I asked if they were lab grown pearls, and the sales person tells me, no, they are just glass dipped in a pearl solution. Quality product? Thats costume to me. I only bought the earrings because I was unable to find an inexpensive pair to match a necklace I had. I wont be buying anymore items. I can make those things myself, in fact I have in the past.

These are not just coated with Paint and unlike costume Jewelry, your studs are hypo-allergenic because they are made of titanium. You can absolutely make them yourself. With Premier Designs you are going to get a better quality then if you were to by the supplies at some place like Hobby Lobby and a better product over all then if you were to buy High Fashion Jewelry at Macy's or JC Penny's. I'm sorry you weren't pleased, you should contact your Jeweler (Rep) and see what she can do for you.

I actually love the jewleries they have.I own 2 pieces and they are beautiful and very good quality.I mean I am a customer very satisfied.

There's no point in beating a dead horse but I would just like to say that I love, love, love this jewelry I sold it for a little while to supplement my income and I'm considering selling it again. I have continued to host parties here and there and have earned hundreds in free jewelry. My pieces are all great quality ( I know quality jewelry my father was a fine jeweler for over 30 years and admires this brand and has purchased pieces for his mother and sisters) ( I also was a buyer at a gift shop that sold Brighton and many of Premiers pieces are comparable in durability) and I get so many compliments day in and day out. I still have many of my show case pieces from 2005 and they look as good as the day I hot them! Please don't listen to this person, he/she has no clue what their talking about the jewelry is awesome they must have them confused with someone else.

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Ariydan's comments are unfounded and untrue. I was a happy customer and now I'm a happy Premier Designs direct salesperson, too. She/he sounds like a competitor trying to trash the competition.

Anyone who knows Premier Designs Jewelry, knows that what Ariydan has posted is just not true. I have been a customer for over 17 years and have been personally involved as well. I have never heard of this. My experience has been that if an item comes in defective or less than Premier quality no questions asked, it was replaced with same item or one of same value. The company was founded to help single mothers to have a means to support their families with dignity. How could a company stay in business and do as much for others as it does if what she says is true? I find it hard to accept that there are those among us that want to belittle and bring down the ones that try their hardest to do what is right and do for others.

It is a MLM scam, end of story. 99% of people will fail due to the fact that there is a limited amount of people buying this brand. You spend money to renew on selling jewlery that you cannot even hold inventory. You are being scammed. If you do not see it fine, but this is the truth. Never fall for a MLM. If it costs you a dime to sell the product and you aren't even truly holding the actually inventory it is most defiantly a scam.

I don't know why is scam?You did not need to buy inventory and they did not charge you for that as well.Sell as they order is a good things:)

It's not a scam because there are no quotas! The reason we have a renewal fee is that non of the money from the jewelry sold goes to run the corporate office! That is what our renewal fee does. Direct Sale is a growing industry and it is shortly to be the largest industry and people making LOTS of money doing it. They tell you not to carry inventory because they don't want you to put more money out of pocket then is necessary. They do this to HELP girls get into the business! You can sell Samples off your table if you wish but the tax implications are different. I was a business major in College and if you look at it from a stand point of "buying a franchise" which is in essence what you are doing, It's rather in expensive. You shouldn't bad mouth companies and industries that you know nothing about. It's not polite.

Sounds like a competitor trying to bash the company. Everyone knows this isn't true and who would say anything as stupid as "having an undercover camera." If there's a real problem, grow some balls instead of sneaking around on the internet and have an adult conversation with the jeweler. They will take care of you as they always have for nearly 30 years and always will. Find a new hobby.

You are nuts! The same pieces we receive as jeweler's (which we show at parties) are what you receive as a hostess or guest! How dare you spread untrue rumors about such a wonderful company! You should be ashamed!

Funny all theses responses.....I am a stay at home mom of five, my husband earns all the green......I like to spend some green. I enjoy sales(!), and thoroughly enjoy places like Marshall's where past seasons clothing, accessories [which are still hip and cool.....{ still wearing Marc Jacobs rockin' cool shoes FROM 3 YEARS AGO}] are sold for much less.
I bought a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet with an itty bitty, diamond chip/18k gold, clasp from Marshall's...... maybe 5 years ago for $100.00. I adore it and in fact, I am wearing it now. Traveling through Europe about 3 years ago, my husband and I hit a Porsche store where he purchased something similar in style to mine for much much more.
**Today in Church I see a Lady wearing a 'too cool' choker that matched my bracelet. When I asked her where she had gotten it, because I would love one to match my bracelet, she replied, " I bought it a few years back from a rep, and for around $25.00. It is a Christian based Jewelry Co." She took it off. It was SOLID and HEAVY...and just NO WAY it could be silver for that price, but beautiful indeed. She said it was either very wrong on the price or product, however my interest is tonight I am surfing the web for cool products and info from Premier!
Regards, Kelly

Kelly if you contact the company through the website they can have a leader in your area contact you. The majority of our pieces are Silver plated, thicker then industry standard.If you are in the Southern California area, I would be happy to help you otherwise ythe company with will direct you to someone

I really don't understand, my daughter's mother-in-laws sells it and not once have I received a piece that was not what was either shown at a party or in the catalog. I just bought their new premire piece, it's beautiful and still finding new ways of wearing it.

Hello! I have read several reviews as I am a "rep" with Park Lane Jewelry, company based out of Chicago and in business since 1955 longer than any company in the industry, as well as debit free. Park Lane does offer "blingy" as described in other posts, however, we offer every kind of jewelry out there from casual to classic, one of my favorites even being pearls. Many of these companies have actually stemmed from Jewels by Park Lane, even Premier as they have been in business since 1985. Yes, I did my research before accepting as a Park Lane rep. Park Lane is actually over any other company, the #1 company in direct jewelry sales and truly do have the best customer bonus plan as well as 5 Star Hostess plan, where hostess credit is NOT based on just a slight percentage of the sales, but truly on just each order taken! I would love to share details on the #1 company that started it all! God Bless :)

My boyfriend had bought me a necklace for my birthday I wore it two days and diamond fell out. So I took in to get repaired 11days later they called to say we could pick it up so he went and picked it up the next day I went to put it on and the diamond was still missing they did nothing too the necklace. So he took it back in there and they said they was just give us a refund. They didn't care about are happiness or business and I thought that was ridiculous that they didn't care that they didn't try to fix the necklace or the fact that they lost two good customers and our friends. That place is a joke not a business and the people are rude and uncaring in battle creek mi out on Beckly dr.

This makes no sense. There is no place to take it in to be repaired. You have to send it back to the company. The problem you had seems to be with a specific independent distributor not the company itself.

Scam?? What, Who are you kidding?? The answer is..No one. Premier Designs Jewelry Collection, the Jewelers, & the company's founders are all across the board OUTSTANDING individuals! Just so you know, the whole message behind the company is to SERVE other people. If you didn't like your hostess gift, you should have had a conversation with your hostess. She would have let you pick something different I am sure of it!!! Also, those hostesses gifts come straight out of the Jewelry Lady's pocket through a hostess store we purchase them through. It's her way of buying you something special, that's NOT in the catalog. Also you receive hundreds of dollars in FREE jewelry for just having a few ladies over. That's AMAZING CUSTOMER APPRECIATION!!! :)))If any of you have ever had a Premier Designs Party or have purchased the High Fashion Jewelry yourself, you would know that the quality is awesome & the guarantee coverage is like NO OTHER direct sales company. Sweet friend, please do some more research before you make really poor reviews about a company that ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU & OTHER PEOPLE!! Wishing you nothing but Love in your heart, peace in your life, & over flowing joy!! It's time we get thankful for what we do have!!!

Your statement is not correct for battle creek mi Beckly dr they are very rude and complete opposite of what you are saying

Renam, it sounds like you have had a bad experience with a retail establishment. Premier Design Jewelers are independent business owners, who do most of their business through home parties.

You are talking about Premier Jewelers 5225 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015 (269) 979-2431. They have no affiliation with Premier Designs Jewelry they simply have the word "premier" in their name. They refer to themselves as associated with other companies with premier in the title as well.

Your experience was not with a Premier Designs Jeweler. You are writing negative reviews about the wrong company. It is important to do your due diligence when writing negative reviews so that you don't actually slander a good company.

I have loved ever piece I've bought from them.
Posted I really can't understand how she is saying all that.

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I don't know what happened to you but I have had and have been to several parties and every item was beautiful and all my ladies who have come to or had a party loved it

MLM is always scam. Also why should anyone expect me who works hard 40 hours/5 days a week for the money I earn to support your part time work lifestyle? I dislike all MLM businesses for this reason. One more thing - why do people want to waste money on junk? Buy 1 or two true pieces like a strand of pearls. They will last you generations.

Arent you just a golden ray of sunshine?

Says the person that's 1. Broke and 2. Probably works for a company that is a "pyramid". CEO at top, worker-bees at bottom, each level makes money off the one below...except the CEO couldn't care less about if the worker-bees make anything more than minimum wage.
But all MLM is a scam.
What an uninformed, sad statement - likely fueled by someone that tried it one time, got in thinking they'd get rich overnight by doing nothing but passing on the hype.
The CEO didn't build his business over night nor by being lazy and expecting everyone else to do all the work...but somehow that's what is expected in MLM.
Go figure.
Good luck with retirement on social security.

DFWAndy, I don't know if you realize it or not, but you work for an MLM. All companies are MLM! You work for a boss/owner that will never give you his job and you make all of the money for him! He will ALWAYS make more money than you, no matter what. At least with an "MLM", or scam as you call it, everyone has a chance to make the same thing and possibly even make more than their upline. That would never happen for other companies... never.

I have been a hostess several times over and the jewelry is of very high quality. I am now a jeweler and my pieces are the same, as a matter of fact, I can incorporate my pieces I bought as a hostess into my show jewelry with no differences. So, bring the cameras, there is no SCAM, just lovely jewelry, fun, and friendship!

I misunderstood, she was comparing her hostess gift to the actual Premier Jewelry. Either way, several of the other ladies have given the correct responses. Thank you ladies.

Agree 100%

First of all, Premier Designs Jewelry is not a scam! The hostess gifts are ordered from a "hostess incentive" page. Do you really expect a jeweler to buy you a $30-50 gift of show jewelry? Most Hostesses are very happy to get their special gift that only a hostess can get. Not to mention, you got 30% of your sales in FREE jewelry....OF YOUR CHOICE! Plus several pieces at half price!!!! If you're going to be SOOOO ungrateful, then just give the gift back!

Well spoken

I am a jeweler for premier designs. I started work with this company to of coarse supplement my income but to serve people. The jewelers samples come from the same warehouse the customers jewelry comes from. Premier has a Golden Guarantee that is awesome. If there is a flaw you can always contact your jeweler to have it replaced or if it's not what you expected you have a week to return & get a piece at equal or less value. If your jeweler is not longer with the company any jeweler would be happy to do so for you if you have your receipt. If you went to a department store & purchased a piece & there is a defect or it breaks they do not exchange or refund purchase amount. I'd like to know the outcome of your show with the news anchor? Was there a story? Or did she become a customer?

Simply not true! ... I have been a customer for a year ...loved the jewelry so much that I hosted a party which was very much out of my comfort zone-loved it! Loved all the free jewelry I got!... Decided to become a jeweler myself just a month ago... Jewelry sells itself because it's beautiful and quality is very consistent.... If anyone receives a piece and it's not looking like it did in the catalogue premier will replace it with something else that a customer would's a great company to work for with outstanding unique product!...

I've been buying Premier Jewelry for about 20 years and have never been disappointed. Only twice in 20 years have I needed to send a broken piece back and they stood behind their guarantee 100%. I have a jewelry box full of Premier and it's the best quality costume jewelry you can buy anywhere. And I'm NOT a distributor, just a customer.

My Premier jewelry was beautiful when I first purchased it. Over time, both the silver and gold pieced have tarnished. I've used tarnish remover and the Premier tarnish remover cloth. It doesn't work. I have a lot of Premier Jewelry that I cannot wear anymore. :( So, I am very disappointed and I don't buy it anymore. I've invested quite a bit of my money in Premier Jewelry. I feel that my money has been wasted on the product.

Whoever posted this must be upset with that & just an FYI it is against the law to do that. so when you get cause take your mugshot WEARING PREMIER!!

Very good lol

I own several pieces of Premier Designs jewelry. I find every single piece I own to be quite lovely! You're not buying gold or silver, obviously, but it is nice fashion jewelry. I have been to a few Premier Designs jewelery parties and the jewelry I have ordered is the same quality as what I saw at the party.

In 90s was decent and held up. New pieces from two months ago r literally falling apart. No more of this .....I can get this level of quality at Target and better quality at same price at Dillards or Norstrom.

I just had a party and ordered a lot of jewelry from them, my order was delivered in a little less than a week after closing, all the pieces were the exact quality that my jeweler had on display. Did you know your jeweler personally, or go to one of their shows previously?

I think it is true as a sales rep for any home party....soon your friends hide for fear of feeling guilty not buying. In today's economy. This is not cheap merchandise! A friend or family member are not here to finance my living. Don't see how many feel comfortable with this... Yes, please come over for fun, laughs and snacks My door is open for<br />
The good times, sad times but not for you to leave with a purchase. I think home parties are tacky!