I Love Premier!!

I am a semi-new jeweler who loves Premier because the opportunity has been beyond my dreams! I got into Premier to make so extra money and to get out of the house.  Before Premier I was a middle school teacher for 7 years and then a stay at home mom for the last 5 years.  After being out of the work force for so long I found it difficult to find a job that was part time, flexible, and paid well.  I looked and the only thing out there that meet my needs was Premier.  I  never expected to find my dream job, I get to play in jewelry, go to parties, and meet fabulous new people!  The money is awesome and the sense of helping empower other women is is even better.  Today, I sponsored my first jeweler and I am excited to help someone fill their need with Premier.

I read some of the other stories posted and I feel really bad for those who have had a bad experience.  Premier is truly about helping their customers and their jewelers.  I know if there is ever an issue with a piece I sell, the person who is not satisfied can return the piece(s) free of charge. You are never stuck with a bad piece of jewelry or a piece you are not 100% satisfied with.  The one key part missing is communicating that with your jeweler which I saw was missing from the story. 

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

How would I go about returning jewlery? I have 2 broken pieces (one I would like to return as I already got a replacement and it broke again; the other I would like to replace with the same thing.

Hello, I noticed the original poster hadn't replied to I thought I would! Go to www.premierdesigns.com and hit contact us. There you can call premier and they can get you in touch with a local jeweler in your area who can assist you! I'm a fairly new jeweler but as far as I know, Premier does not accept returns, only exchanges, but you have to exchange the jewelry within the first 60 days of purchase. It's up to the individual jeweler whether or not they will accept a return item. Not 100% positive though so while you're calling Premier to find a jeweler you can ask them! And just FYI, The piece you want to replace with the same piece will cost you $5 plus tax.