Some Thoughts ..

I teach 4-year-olds at a private nursery.  It is really difficult and really rewarding.  Knowing that these kids are at such a tender age ... when a traumatic experience can turn into a life-long issue.... makes me a bit anxious about really messing up a child.  At the same time there is such opportunity to insert little life lessons here and there.  "If your friend doesn't want to play with you then you can play all by yourself and thats OK.  You are the best friend you will ever have"  "Even though you are scared you will mess up, it's important to try."

Sometimes I wonder if I am a preschool teacher because I deep down want to right the wrongs that were done to me.  Like, I want to teach these children things I wish I had been taught and empower them in all the places where I felt powerless. 

It's the most incredible feeling seeing a child you have worked so hard in helping make improvements.  It really makes my day.  It makes me feel good and it makes me hopeful that they will have an amazing life.
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Jan 11, 2008