Office Of School Readiness Preschool Program In Alabama

I work in a preschool that offers an Office of School Readiness preschool program. It's state funded and the students are charged fees based on their incomes.  It's something like Head Start.  The program has a huge flaw; the bullying and teasing in the classroom is not managed properly. The teacher and her assistant actually PROMOTE bullying and teasing because they believe that children should "hit back" if they are hit by a peer.  It's a terrible situation for the children since they aren't being taught how to stand up for themselves in a positive, non-violent manner.  It's a pity that these authoritarian, punitive, poorly trained OSR staffers are paid by the state of Alabama to teach the kids how to fight.  The teacher and her assistant think that they're doing the kids a favor by teaching them to "hit 'em back".  Violence should not be the answer for resolving conflicts.  This OSR class should lose their grant funding since the teacher and her assistant are acting in an unethical manner.
bamaprekpro bamaprekpro
May 12, 2012