All My Life

You can't get through life without pretending you're sth you're not. The true me? I hate everyone around me, I hate that we all have this need for companionship... I just  want to succeed in life on my own.
I've always pretended that I'm a very social and outgoing person when really... I just like to sit in my room reading books and learning new skills on my own. It's all one big competition to everyone. Who knows sth better than s/o else. It's true, that without competition we wouldn't achieve a lot. But... there has to be another way. I just can't stand this... "nemesism".

funereal1134 funereal1134
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Honestly, I think it is because humans are conditioned to believe that they are social creature and that without competition there can be no progress. I guess no one seems to remember the other word that begins with a "c" as well... collaboration? Progress is made when two sides join together towards a common goal, no work against each other to be number one... But that takes away from the joy of solitude... I don't know if you can have both. Also, I love to read (just got a Nook for christmas to make reading on the go easier... I don't have to carry around a 400+ page novel in my bag)

Some people prefer to be independent, unfortunately, without a degree under your belt (which requires that you take part in the competition), nowadays there's not much you can do. I'm much the same actually, I like to sit alone in my room and read. However, I have been sucked into the rat race and am now attending college, and I don't have any time to read! It's really upsetting to not have any time to myself, time to think. All those people whizzing by, and no one even knows my name.