Making A Commitment To Change

I am just really learning about this and getting ready to do this, I am psyched! I think I might involve my kids in this and see what happens. Basically here I am 32 f 220 lbs. I am fairly active but eat bad food. I have had binging issues and emotional eating issues. I have done the hcg diet the lemonade diet the cabbage diet etc. I have done the slim in 6 and p90x and some gym classes. While I have to work out in exces of 3 hours a day to effect any loss. So here I go and think I can do this!
litlsprout litlsprout
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

So today is day one and I ate a very strange for me breakfast some unknown game meat w eggs and spices and cheese and a sausage and it was interesting it was good and I filled up fast only eating half and then I had no food til after my walk BC I was not hungry at all! Weird for me! A banana post walk, and a yogurt and banan post workout on the wii which said I gained three pounds in 3 days grrrr. And now hot dogs and a lot of veggies. Today has not been a struggle at all it was wonderful! I did have coco a mini cheat but I was good all day so I know I am in the right mindset!