Lost Princess With No Soul Only Death As A Slave

welcome to my life I'm a lost princess who is trapped with evil step mother even my worst step sister my life is lost like a princess I wish I was Cinderella why because everyday in my family house it feels like I'm a Cinderella Slave for me I'm only one who cleans everyday even the step mother likes me clean her royal house I wish I was not trapped with this lost souls I wish there was a prince out there just looking for lost princess my life feels like I'm a slave who cleans everyday I wish my life be freedom is that possible none of my evil step sisters always being mean I'm just a Cinderella who is looking for a shooting star I wish I find my prince someday & live happy after I wish my life is lost princess who is trapped in a cage my step mother put me I do have clothes on but I wish my life would not be slave no more I wish my prince find me & live happy after I wish ...that's another different story 
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1 Response May 15, 2012

If I wear able I would grant you your wish.