My First Story

I hope this one goes well! Today I woke up and did my usual routine of checking my coffee maker to be sure that it actually worked last night so it would be ready just like i do everyday even though everyday it has came through for me.. I got my shower and dressed for work and unlike any other day where its just without a thought less i walk out of the room i stop and instead wonder if you had thought of me.. I know that there is no way but i guess i wonder if that feeling came from you thinking of me? Maybe just somehow you actually had me cross your mind though I have been so subtle in your life or maybe im just crazy... Lost in all of this thought I realize that i left my work bag at the room after i had already gotten on the road to work and this traffic here is a killer one. I'm really getting tired of this over populated orient, as being an American southern girl this environment was new to me when I began my career. I get my bag and back on the road I go but can't help but to continue to think of you. I get to work and of course if you can not tell, thinking of you or else I wouldn't be writing this story. Seems that everyone sees my "shell" not what I actually feel down deep, even people who are like me. Its as if my heart is just a mirror, a very clear one that just reflects light on the surface but once scratched the black is revealed and the shine is distorted.. i guess its just broken on the backside that faces my soul because it cant see through all this darkness. Light please reflect to my soul again....
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6 Responses Sep 9, 2012

It actually was a great story. Love the detail. Puts me in your shoes for a moment :)

Wow you are pretty in your profile pic

I am sure all will work out, seems to me written from the heart

nice story.. sometimes crying helps it gives you a relief..

i won't say i understand exactly how u feel, but i hope that special person says hi to u soon :)

interesting story, do you still feel out of your element now that you are back in this timezone and did the person you were thinking of ever get back to you?