I Like to Think So!

Okay... I may be a bit blunt, bossy, nutty, and weird. But I feel like I'm a princess in many ways. Not graceful, like one. Not beautiful on the outside, like one. Not perfect, like one. BUT, I am very classy when I want to be. I am never barefooted, unless I'm in a pool or sleeping. I am kind hearted like one. And animals tend to come around me, even birds and squirrels. I have good table manners and I'm a natural born leader (though I rather not lead, but be in the background of things).

If I ruled a kingdom, no one would be poor and everyone would eat cake! No, no, no... I'm kidding about the cake... sorta... But my kingdom would be fair and just, all the time. And people would sing, laugh, and dance all the time! :-D 

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4 Responses Sep 27, 2008

haha...thanks... *fondling my belly*

heeey..I wanna cake..im hungry

*bowing to my queen*

I hope you get to be queen - and I get to live in your country. (Can we bring the cake back, please?)