My Son

my son is a product of my own rape at the hands of my father and step mother... i love him dearly... 

i may have another child on the way the product of another assault on me... if it is my child, i will raise it no different... i will love it no matter the circumstance.
 and i am only 19  so yeah i got 1 and 1 maybe (waiting on dna for that)
woundeddragon woundeddragon
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Please try to see yourself as an innocent individual.
Any feelings of guilt, unworthiness will be part of you.
The fact that you feel remorse for the things that sick people have done to you is an assurance that you are thinking straight. It just that the people who conditioned and trained you to do uncleanness, perverseness and your body has responded to such stimulus is a natural reaction.

You did not want it nor was afraid of these sick people.
Please take care of yourself and always remember that you have a support group here.

If you can, take out yourself from evil people. You are not responsible for them nor for the things they did to you.

It seems that you have no choice and it will be going to be a rough road to recovery knowing that you are only 20 and raising your son.
and single.

Talking things out with your therapists and the people around here who has your respect will be helpful.

we care about you.

Dear WoundedDragon,<br />
Your son is only the unintended result of what was done to you. As such, he, and the other child you will bear, are free and clear of any association with the dark deeds that brought them to you. You may love them completely,free from guilt or shame, and should.<br />
<br />
It does sound though, like you are surrounded by a bunch of sick individuals. For the sake of your innocent children, who will themselves become victims of these sick people, I would take myself, and them, far away from all of that. By distancing yourself from people who have no remorse for causing you such pain, you can begin your life clean and free of ghosts, and be sure your children have a happy and innocent childhood. <br />
<br />
Be careful though, because as an abused person, your wounds will be visible to opportunists who can smell a victim a mile away and will take advantage of you and subsequently your children. The odds of the children of sexually abused adults becoming victims themselves is very high, because abused children who do not receive threatment go through life thinking they are unclean, unworthy and must please others to be acceptable, thereby making them perfect marks for the vultures of society.<br />
So seek treatment for yourself, no matter who the father of the children is, and get away from your environment while you can still save your children from your own fate.

I respect the fact that you can say that you raped somebody and have a child from it. I must ask, though.. Why on earth did you rape somebody else and now you might have a child from that as well? I do hope that you know that rape is not a good thing.

i never raped anyone. I WAS RAPED!! I was raped and molested at the age of 12 by my step mom and from it she got pregnant and had my son. A few months back I was drugged and raped by my ex friend whom wanted a baby from me. so NO I didn't rape anyone THEY RAPED ME

Ah. Well I'm sorry that my questions have hurt you, I did not mean that at all. You are a very strong person for taking care of your children.

can you get away from them, or do you fear having your son left in their care?

my oldest and my twins are with people that can take care of them and keep them safe... i trust them... i am still working on getting away from where i am but almost got it

can you help I really want to not be a racist.

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